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Chrome Super Slim Linear Shower Drain

Linear Drain
Swiss Liniger
Size *

Linear drainage is ideal in a modern bathroom. It is designed for draining water from shower cabins and open shower spaces with a WALL-mounted WALK IN. Aesthetic appearance and simplicity of keeping clean are undoubted advantages of linear drains.


Width 2mm
Height >/=75mm


Material: Stainless steel
Sizes: 600mm to 1200mm
Overall width: 80 mm
Gutter and grate steel thickness of 12mm
Mounting depth range: >75mm
Drain equipped with a flange surrounding approx. 1000mm. 30mm for easy tile laying
Water throughput: 60l/minute
Siphon type: PVC
Siphon with rotating tube
Linear drainage (full package)
Adjustable feet and sealing collar included
Certified quality - CE

The set includes:

40/50 mm siphon with a contaminant settling machine with gasket
Disassembly-capable feet
Sealing collar
Installation instructions

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