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Natural Stone Shower Tray

Shower Tray
€689.00 €430.00
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This large shower tray with a sloped finish is a great choice to finish any contemporary wet room or a rectangular shower enclosure with its modern style and excellent functionality. 

  • Made from high-quality white stone,
  • Available in various sizes,
  • Height 40mm base, 60mm at the lip.

If you€™re looking to outfit your bathroom suite with a larger shower, or looking for a we have this beautiful Large Shower Tray is the perfect baso for your project. It is made from the highest quality acrylic on the market, and it€™s sophisticated style adds a bit of glamour to any bathroom.

You can choose on of our available sizes to perfectly fit your space, and all you would have left to do is install it. The best part about that is the fact that installing any of our shower trays only takes a matter of moments, so you will be able to complete your task in no time.

As you can see, our Large Shower Tray is modern in design, boasting a beautiful drain area, and a highly functional gradient slope which allows water to flow effortlessly. No more sticky drains, and no more flooding!

This beautiful acrylic is perfect in all bathrooms, and any flooring, since it is leak proof and does not allow any dripping from the sides or the bottom. You will have a stainless floor, and you won have to worry about mopping up any water after your relaxing shower.

This is great for both cutting down cleaning time, and it is additionally great because it does not allow your floors to get stained from grime, mildew, or constant water flow. You€™ll have a perfect bathroom at all times, and for many years to come.

It is also worth mentioning that the color and design of this Large Shower Tray is ultra versatile, so you don have to worry about it matching your bathroom decor or color; for it will look amazing and clean in any bathroom, regardless of style or design.

You may also notice that most of our shower trays can be installed with one of our shower doors or shower enclosures; so please don hesitate to take a look at our shower collection. You are more than likely going to find a perfect match to your bathroom!

Waste Trap Not Included

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