This beautiful large hinged shower door, the Lucano 700, features a unique rectangular design which will provide your bathroom with class and style. The chrome hinges and stunning handle finish this modern shower enclosure with aplomb. 

  • Single Hinge Door Corner Shower
  • Glass Thickness - 8mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy Clean)
  • Available in various panel and door lengths
  • Height - 1950mm
  • Universal Fitting
  • 20mm Adjustment For Out Of True Walls


Entrance door width for given door dimensions (parameters in mm): 

  • Size: 900mm / entrance width 590mm
  • Size: 1000mm / entrance light 590 mm
  • Size: 1100mm / entrance light 640mm
  • Size: 1200mm / entry light 640mm 
  • Size: 1300mm / entry light 640mm
  • Size: 1400mm / entrance light 640mm 

The Lucano 700 was made to offer a modern bathroom a dazzling finishing touch. It offers a comfortable, spacious shower experience like no other. This large hinged shower doors features a rectangular design that allows it to blend flawlessly with all types of bathroom styles and designs. It boasts sturdy chrome hinges that hold this unit firmly together and a stunning handle that allows you to access your gorgeous new shower with ease.


This unit was designed to fit a designated corner shower space seamlessly and offer an elegant, comfortable shower experience. No matter if your bathroom is old or new, this unit will add a stylish, classy touch that will transform your bathroom into a place that you never want to leave. Although this large hinged shower door has a design, style and beauty that cannot go unmentioned, its benefits are also what make is so recommendable for a modern Irish home.


The Benefits of the Large Hinged Shower Door


Long-Lasting - For a modern, well-planned bathroom, there is nothing better than a shower that is not only beautiful but also high quality and long-lasting. The Lucano 700 offers long-lasting beauty and functionality, without the need of tedious maintenance; this is due to its smart design and the high quality materials used to create it. Once installed, this large hinged shower door will look gorgeous for year to come and allow you to enjoy your shower far in to the future.


Safe - The Lucano 700 is carefully crafted from high quality nano tempered glass that is sturdy and long-lasting. With this large hinged shower door, you will not have to worry about your safety, simply enjoy your showers to the fullest and feel confident that this unit was made to ensure not only your comfort but your safety also.


Easy to Clean - The nano tempered glass used for this unit it easy to clean and maintain. Unlike other glass shower doors on the market, this unit allows you to enjoy your shower to the fullest extent without any tedious cleaning routines. Due to the glass’s quality, all shower products, soaps, water stains and other imperfections simply slide off of its surface with one wipe, allowing you to have a gorgeous shower in your modern bathroom, always.   


Versatile - This unit boasts a simple yet elegant design that allows it to fit perfectly with other well-made bathroom furniture pieces, diverse color pallets and all styles or designs of bathroom suites. With the Lucano 700, you can style your bathroom the way you have always dreamt of and the results will be breathtaking.


For a modern Irish bathroom, quality, functionality and beauty are key and this large hinged shower door has it all. We are confident that this unit is one of the best option on the market for a beautifully-designed bathroom suite. It will add a dazzling finishing touch to your home and offer quality functionality for years to come.