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Ember Black Ceramic Toilet

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This particular model has a beautiful squared shape making it more modern in design and a little larger than the L23 model. Its seat cover is thin yet sturdy, and it comes with the flush button on the side for optimal convenience. This gorgeous glossed toilet is a stylish and excellently designed addition to our wall hung toilet collection.

  • Made from vitreous ceramic
  • Soft close seat
  • Rimless technology
  • Easy Clean
  • Includes toilet pan, pan fitting kit, soft close seat
  • 5-year warranty
  • Long lasting, high-quality materials
  • Beautiful glossed design.
    Type Toilet, Wall Hung


    Soft Close Seat, Wall Hung Toilet


    UK Standard Concealed Cistern Frame, 180mm Frame







    Simple, elegant, contemporary, and beautiful; this wall hung ceramic toilet is the perfect toilet for your modern bathroom suite. Its modern design will fit any style of suite, and its shape and size will accommodate almost any space.

    What Makes Our Wall Hung Ceramic Toilet So Great?

    This wall hung toilet boasts all the most updated features a toilet can have:

    Dual Flush technology which allows you to choose between two different flush settings according to your needs. This is a great feature for many reasons. It is easy to save water, as you are not flushing away more water than needed; it is a great subtraction from your water bill expenses for the same reason; and it is innovative in terms of convenience and accessibility.

    It features the addition of a Geberit Flush Plate in place of a traditional flush handle. This feature is sanitary, accessible, and very flexible in terms of placement around your bathroom suite. Additionally, the Flush Plates designs are very beautiful when paired with our wall hung toilets.

    Lastly, it features Soft Close Seat technology, making the closing of your toilet seat practically silent and saving you the all-too-common sound of the toilet seat slamming shut. This soft closing feature not only protects your ears from hearing the loud toilet seat, but it also protects the toilet pan and toilet seat itself from getting damaged over the years.

    This wall hung black ceramic toilet is powered by the Geberit Duofix concealed cistern, so there is no P or S trap or cistern in sight. All the magic happens silently and subtly behind the wall your wall hung toilet is mounted on.