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HG05 Hansgrohe Shower Sets

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Complete Your modern Bathroom Space With The Hansgrohe

Introducing the HG05 shower set to Bathroom Store Ireland. The chrome HG05 are some of the most popular products on the market use stunning design features whether in design or quality, and with the Hansgrohe products quality is paramount and at Bathroom Store, we strive to provide the best quality items to complete your perfect modern bathroom.

The HG05 uses a curved rounded edges design base for the control panel of the shower unit. All elements included in this spray kit closely resemble the curved and rounded design features with the control panel.

The HG05 also comes complete with the 2 way directional pipe system to allows multiple ways of washing. Allowing you the choice of using the rainfall shower head or the handheld shower head, giving you the ultimate showing experience, everything you shower.

The HG05 also utilises a monobloc delivery system. Allowing you mix hold and cold water via a single spout, letting you get the preferred temperature every time you shower.

HG05 features include:

  • Hansgrohe Concealed mixer Ecostat E thermostatic mixer
  • Hansgrohe Concealed element IBox universal DN15 / DN20
  • Brass, chrome rain shower arm (ceiling or wall)
  • Metal rain shower 30 / 40cm Ultra-Slim Square with NANO coating
  • Chrome-plated brass shower head holder
  • Angled connection integrated in a metal head holder
  • Shower hose silicone Easy-Flex 150cm / Shower hose with braided stainless steel 150cm

Ecostat E thermostatic mixer with shut-off and diverter valve, zinc-plated, external element

  • 2 receivers
  • thermostatic cartridge, shut-off and change-over valve
  • blocking at 40 ° C
  • adjustable temperature limitation
  • flow at 3 bar: 26 l / min
  • in the set: handles, sleeve, installation unit, rosette, shut-off / change-over valve

IBox universal DN15 / DN20

  • mounting collar: adjustable
  • sealing collar
  • connection G ¾
  • fits shower, bathtub and thermostatic faucets
  • regular, symmetrical design
  • noise cancelling assembly

Why Get The Hansgrohe In Your Life

The HG05 set is one of the best options on the market today. This style exudes quality and is on high-demand and rising in popularity due to its elegant design, and distinctive colour, showcasing luxury and quality.

What is a Monobloc Mixer Delivery System? - When designing your perfect bathroom space. Look out for monobloc mixer taps. Complete your bathroom with the most up to date appliances on the market.

Made from the highest quality materials - Made from brass combining the best quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting life. With each product, we strive to bring our best products to the market for each customer.

Easy to clean - With this contemporary spray kit, you won have to worry any longer. Due to its high gloss finish and chrome plating. This is incredibly easy to clean; simply wipe with your favourite cleaner and it's immaculate once again.

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