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Hansgrohe Shower Sets | HG03

€380.00 €349.00

Hansgrohe Shower Sets - Perfect For Your Contemporary Space

Introducing the stunning Hansgrohe Logis chrome shower set to Bathroom Store Ireland. The chrome HG03 is a ravishing example of style and beauty. Hansgrohe products are some of the finest products on the market in terms of style and long-lasting functionality. The HG03 design is another premium example, made with a square composition with rounded edges. The handle composition also follows the same design features with a square shape with rounded edges.

The HG uses a single handle to mix hot and cold water while controlling your perfect pressure. The HG03 comes complete with a double function rainfall head shower and a handset shower head allowing to you completely immerse yourself in your showing experience. The HG03 comes with a rain shower arm that can be mounted to a wall or roof, giving you options to complete your modern bathroom space.

The HG03 is made with the highest quality materials available on the market ensuring customer satisfactory with every purchase. Made from solid long lasting brass, with chrome plating, and completed with a high gloss finish. The HG03 will keep you ahead of the curve with this amazing shower design and features.

Hansgrohe Logis features include:

  • Concealed mixer Hansgrohe Logis 71405000
  • Concealed element Hansgrohe 01800180 iBox DN15 / DN20
  • Silicone shower hose Easy-Flex 150cm
  • Brass, chrome rain shower arm (ceiling or wall - optional)
  • Raincoat 30 / 40cm Ultra-Slim Square with NANO Swiss-Liniger coating
  • Slim-Expert3s - 2-function handset with Swiss-Liniger hydromassage
  • Chrome-plated brass headphone holder
  • Angled connection integrated in the headphone holder.

Discover The Benefits of a Concealed Shower Set

Space-saving - Concealed shower sets have a simple, minimalistic design that allows you to have extra space in your bathroom suite. By choosing this high-quality shower set, you will be able to use the space you have in a more efficient way.

Easy to clean - Cleaning is not always something we look forward to; especially cleaning showers. However, with this dazzling HG03, you won’t have to worry any longer. Due to its high gloss glaze finish, this set is stain resistant and incredibly easy to clean; simply wipe with your favourite cleaner and it's sparkling clean again!

If you have been searching for the concealed shower set for your bathroom suite; you have come to the right place. This high-quality, well-made HG03 is perfect for those designing a modern, beautiful bathroom. Allowing you be able to attach your rainfall shower head to the wall or roof, giving each customer a choices. It is long-lasting, space-saving, easy to clean and is made with high-quality materials; ensuring satisfaction.

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