The Sogo 6 frosted shower screen brings with it its own unique style - the frosted glass finish and simplicity in design has made it one of the Bathroom Store Ireland's best-selling wet room screens. 

  • Customised dimensions available on request,
  • 2000mm in height,
  • Chrome bar included,
  • Easy Clean Glass
  • 8mm and 10mm glass available.


Frosted Shower Screens Are The Designer's Choice

The Sogo 6 boasts such a dazzling design and feel that it is sure to satisfy even the pickiest interior designer. This frosted shower screen adds an ideal finishing touch and allows you to complete a modern, chic feel and style. Due to its simple yet elegant design, it blends flawlessly with other modern bathroom furniture pieces, goes beautifully with all types of colour pallets and makes your bathroom look like the definition of a modern bathroom suite.

This frosted shower screen was not only designed to make your bathroom suite look gorgeous however; but to allow you to enjoy your shower to the fullest extent. Due to the fact that you do not have to open any doors or pull any handles to access your shower, you are able to enjoy your shower with a free, more open feel. Simply walk right in to your shower and take a long, relaxing break.

This unit is unlike other shower doors on the market; due to the fact that it is frameless and is made to look like it is floating. Its frameless design gives a bathroom suite a more fresh and clean look that is ideal for a modern home. With this frosted shower screen, you will be able to feel like you are at a private getaway in the comfort of your own home.


The Benefits of the Frosted Shower Screen

The beauty and style of this dazzling unit is of course a wonderful benefit; however, it is not the only benefits you will receive from this frosted shower screen. The smallest details were taken in to consideration when designing this unit, which is why it is ideal for a modern home.

Space-Saving - Due to the fact that this unit does not open in or out like other shower doors on the market; it allows for more efficient use of space. This unit if perfect for both spacious and smaller bathrooms due to its space-saving qualities.

Easy Clean - The high-quality glass used to create the Sogo 6 allows it to be categorised as an easy clean unit. After being used, all bathroom products, soaps, water stains and other imperfections slide smoothly off of its surface and leave it looking brand new. With this frosted shower screen, you can enjoy your shower without having to worry about the cleanliness of your bathroom suite.

The frosted shower screen was carefully designed to be the perfect addition to a modern, well-designed bathroom suite. It allows you to enjoy your shower to the fullest and add a dazzling finishing touch that will be the centre of attention in your contemporary home.