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Mexen Cubic Freestanding Bath Mixer Tap - Chrome - SW30

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Cubic Freestanding Bath Mixer Tap - Chrome - SW30

Utterly simple and chic, the Cubic freestanding bath mixer tap is a contemporary design enthusiast's dream. This super modern bathtub appliance is a statement piece of its own, with its high-tech vibe and ultra-polished chrome-plated surfaces and quoins.

Equipped with Eco Perlator, a water flow aeration solution will help you save up to even 50% of water usage. Nothing better than taking care of the planet and home budget while enjoying a piece of functional modern art in your own house.

Product details:

  • Materials: solid brass
  • Type: floor mounted
  • Colour and Finish: high polish chrome
  • Shower head: ceramic chrome plated
  • Additional features: Eco Perlator
  • Height: 890 mm / 1110 mm with shower head up
  • Depth: 265 mm
  • Base width: 150 mm
  • Quality Certifications: CE, PZH

Set includes a freestanding bath tap, dedicated shower head, stainless steel shower hose, and mounting kit.