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Lucano 600 Frameless Hinged Shower

Shower enclosure
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The Lucano 600 is a fantastic shower enclosure for a contemporary Irish bathroom with its minimalist feel and excellent finish.

  • Single Frameless Hinged Door Shower
  • Glass Thickness - 8mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy Clean)
  • Sizes available 700mm 1400mm
  • Height - 1950mm
  • Universal Fitting
  • 20mm Adjustment For Out Of True Walls

Various dimensions: 

  • Door: 800mm - 1400mm 
  • Wall: 700mm - 1000mm 
  • Height: 1900mm 

Entrance door width for given door dimensions mm: 

  • Size: 800mm / entrance light 500mm 
  • Size: 900mm / entrance light 590mm 
  • Size: 1000mm / entrance light 590mm 
  • Size: 1200mm / entry light 640mm 
  • Size: 1400mm / entrance light 640mm 

The Lucano 600 was designed to offer the most comfortable showering space and the most enjoyable shower experience possible. Its modern, elegant design will add an ideal stylish touch to your bathroom suite that will allow you to feel like you are on vacation, but in the comfort of your own home.


This frameless hinged shower enclosure boasts a simple yet elegant design that will convert any bathroom, no matter if it is new or old, in to the image of modernity and elegance. Due to the fact that it is frameless and is made with high quality materials, it will make your bathroom suite look clean, organized and well-designed. We believe there is no better way to enjoy 2019 than with a brand new dazzling shower enclosure, and the Lucano 600 is one of the best option on the market.


The Frameless Hinged Shower & its Benefits


Long-Lasting - The Lucano 600 was not only made to look gorgeous in a modern Irish bathroom, but also to offer long lasting functionality. This frameless hinged shower door is made with the highest quality of materials that ensure a wonderful shower experience for years to come. Its dazzling handle and hinges are made to withstand years of use and will not lose their beauty. For a modern Irish home, this long-lasting enclosure should be on the must-have list.


Versatile - One of the things that makes the Lucano 600 perfect for a modern home is its versatility. It is made to fit flawlessly in to all types of bathrooms, no matter their style, design or size. This frameless shower enclosure also blends beautifully with other high quality bathroom furniture pieces, such as our high quality shower trays. No matter how you chose to style your bathroom, this unit will add a perfect finishing touch.


Easy to Clean - For your modern bathroom, you should be able to enjoy your daily routines without the stress of constant cleaning routines and this unit offers exactly that. Due to the high quality easy clean glass used to craft it, tedious cleaning routines are not required for this unit to look dazzling. With one simple wipe of a towel, all water stain, bathroom products and other imperfections will simply slide off and allow you to enjoy your shower completely stress-free.


The Frameless Hinged Shower is Ideal for a Modern Home


This unit was designed not only to take your breath away with its beauty and style, it was made to offer you quality functionality and allow you to enjoy your bathroom experience to the fullest extent. With the Lucano 600, you can feel confident that you will have a gorgeous looking bathroom far into the future and benefit from its smart design and functions.

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