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Chrome Basin Waste Bottle Trap

Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Store Ireland
This chrome waste bottle is a perfect addition to any basin. If your waste trap isn't concealed in the cabinet, then the chrome waste trap is exactly what you need to complete the look and feel of your bathroom space.
The chrome trap is essential for design enthusiasts across the board. leaving your bathroom space with a elegant and minimalist feel as most modern bathrooms demands.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • High quality material
  • Fits all our washbasins from the offer
  • Color: chrome - high gloss

Chrome Basin Waste Bottle Trap - Ideal For Your Modern Bathroom

Finished to the UK standards. The chrome waste trap is compatible with all bathroom store basins we have on offer. 

The look, design and style of the basin is more than important in contemporary space. It was designed not only to look trendy, but also work faultlessly for years to come.

Long-Lasting - Due to the high-quality, durable materials making corrosion a thing of a past used to create this unit; it offers long-lasting functionality and beauty and will still be contemporary in years to come. We believe that its long-lasting components makes it ideal for a modern, well-planned bathroom spaces.

Easy to Clean - Made from stainless steel; cleaning becomes more than easy. Stains, bathroom products and other imperfection simply slide off with one wipe; making it almost maintenance-free. Cleaning will no longer be a complicated or tedious routine.

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