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BR10 Low Profile Capsule Shape Shower Tray

Shower Tray
€165.00 €139.00

This low profile shower tray is an excellent choice for curved shower enclosures, specifically the Lucano 350 Bi-Fold Shower Screen.

  • Made from durable acrylic material,
  • Available in various sizes,
  • Height 40mm base, 60mm at the lip.


If you are looking for a streamline modern shower tray, you€™ve found the perfect one for you! This Low Profile Shower Tray is beautiful in design, is perfect in craftsmanship, and is super durable.


Our Low Profile Shower Tray is easily one of the most modern pieces in this collection thanks to its design and shape, and can fit in any modern bathroom with pleasurable ease. Also, thanks to its beautiful white color, it is versatile enough to suit anyone€™s tastes and preferences.  


We also offer high quality modern shower enclosures, and we have a selection of enclosures which would fit this shower tray like a glove. All our products are designed with perfection, and are all made to last a lifetime. So, if you don already have a shower enclosure or are looking to upgrade yours, please take a look at our amazing collection!


This Low Profile Shower Tray Has Features Worth Showing Off


The first feature worth mentioning is that this beautiful shower tray is made from the highest quality acrylic material, so when we say it is durable, we mean it! This material doesn just last a lifetime, but it also stays looking amazing throughout the ages. It is stain proof, it is breakage proof, and it is the perfect choice for people who have kids, too.


Our Low Profile Shower Tray is 100% leak proof thanks to the perfect craftsmanship, and will never leave your floor wet or damp. This not only cuts your clean up time in half, but it also eliminates the possibility of any stains on your floor or elsewhere. Not to mention, it also makes for a safe bathroom area, free from any falling hazards.


This shower tray is perfect to place anywhere your drainage system allows it, so it is not only versatile in color, but also in placement. It€™s also worth mentioning that you can install your shower tray in practically no time!


We always want you to have the best possible bathroom products, which is why we offer you high quality products that are built with everyday use, durability, beauty, and optimal functionality in mind; and we think that this Low Profile Shower Tray represents our values quite well, given that it is perfect for everyday use, it€™s durable in both material and beauty, and it will continue to shine as long as you have it.

Waste Trap Not Included

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