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Lima DX-1900 Bi-Fold Shower Door

Shower Door
Door Size *
€445.99 €429.95

6mm glasseasy clean glassnano coating

The slimline DX-1900 bi-fold shower door is an excellent choice for walled shower enclosures because of it's an extremely quick and easy assembly. The two panels fold in on each other to make optimal use of space and allow you to have enough room to easily step into your shower. 

  • Sliding Shower Door
  • Glass Thickness - 6mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy Clean)
  • Width - 70, 80, 90, 100
  • Height - 1950mm
  • Universal Fitting
  • 20mm Adjustment For Out Of True Walls
  • Seals: magnetic
  • Profiles: aluminum / chrome
  • Mounting: universal L / R
  • Handle: Metal (brass)

The Slimline DX-1900 bi-fold shower door was made to complete a wall shower enclosure beautifully and add a dazzling finishing touch to a modern home. This unit boasts a two panel, elegant design that allows you to enjoy your shower to its fullest extent. The bi-fold shower doors beauty is something that can not go unmentioned; however, it is not the only benefit you will receive from this well-made shower enclosure.

A Bi-Folding Shower Door Offers Many Benefits

Although the beauty and style of a shower door is more than important; its functionality and quality is something that will determine the satisfaction of the user. This is why this bi-fold shower door is highly recommended for a modern home; it is not only beautiful but highly functional and offers many benefits.

This elegant unit boast two panels that fold in on each other smoothly due to its high-quality roller system; this means that less of an area will be utilized in your bathroom, allowing you to use the space you have in a more efficient way. With this bi-fold shower door enclosure, you will finally be able to create the organized style and feel you have been dreaming of.

The bi-fold shower door is not only space-saving and perfect for smaller bathrooms; it is made with the highest quality of materials. The Nano Tempered Glass used to create this unit is categorized as easy to clean and super safe. If you have children, pets or simply are clumsy at times; you will understand the importance of having safe, sturdy glass in your bathroom that will not put you or anyone in danger if an accident ever occurs.

The Bi-Fold Shower Door - Ideal for a Modern Home

When it comes to a modern home, the smallest details need to be kept in mind; not only the beauty of the furniture, the color palettes or the design but the quality and functionality of each item. This bi-fold shower enclosure does not disappoint; it is not only beautiful but long-lasting, space-saving, easy to clean and safe. We believe that this unit is one of a kind and that is it the perfect addition for a modern home.

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