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Dark Matte Grey Oval Countertop Basin | L39

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Mexen Dark Matte Grey Oval Countertop Basin | L39

This elegantly designed ceramic sink delivers a unique style which is sure to light up your bathroom and give it a unique feel.

  • Beautiful, off-centre boat like design,
  • 3 year warranty included with your purchase,
  • Made from white ceramic
  • Made with a high gloss finish
  • Counter-top basin

Not Included: Tap, Waste Plug, Waste Bottle

This unique design is really for those customers who want something extra special in their ultra-contemporary bathroom.

  • Beautiful design at the height of style,
  • 2 year warranty included with your purchase,
  • Made from white stone,
  • Made with a high gloss finish,
  • Wall hung basin.

Not Included: Tap, Waste Plug, Waste Bottle

Technical Details

  • Size: 480 x 350 x 140mm
  • Type: Countertop
  • Colour: Matte Grey
  • Overflow hole: No
  • Tap hole: No
  • Material: Ceramic

If you have been looking for a unique and modern bathroom sink, you have come to the right place. This elegantly designed counter-top basin was carefully manufactured to complete a gorgeous, contemporary bathroom seamlessly. Made with high quality white stone, this vanity unit is sure to amaze visitors and will add a stylish finishing touch to your bathroom suite. Its high gloss finish also adds a dazzling sparkle and a clean, fresh look like no other.

This unit boasts a simple yet elegant off-centre boat like design. Its smooth white stone sides completes a modern look and allows it to blend seamlessly with other bathroom furniture. This bathroom sink bowl is perfect for a modern bathroom due to its high-quality materials and make; however, the beauty and style of this unit is not the only benefit you will receive.

The Gorgeous Bathroom Sink Bowl Offers Many Benefits

When designing and manufacturing a modern bathroom basin, its beauty and look is not the only factor that should be considered important. Of course, we all want a basin that will make our bathroom suite look gorgeous and well designed; but one of the most important aspects is the efficiency and quality of the basin. This counter top basin was not only made to look dazzling in a contemporary bathroom but also to work flawlessly for years to come.

Long-Lasting - The high-quality design, style and material used to make this bathroom sink makes it long-lasting and ensures that it will look and work flawlessly for years to come. Swiss Liniger took their time designing and manufacturing this basin and the results are perfection; with this modern bathroom sink you will be able to enjoy its beauty and its efficient performance far in to the future.

Easy to Clean - Although cleaning might not come in to mind when choosing the perfect basin for your bathroom suite, it is actually very important. If a bathroom sink is made with poor quality materials or designed poorly, cleaning could be complicated and tedious; if a bathroom sink is made with high-quality material however, cleaning and maintenance is more than simple. The smooth white stone and high gloss glaze of this unit makes it easy to clean and easy to maintain.

There a wide variety of options of modern bathroom sinks and basins on the market today; however, we are more than confident that this Swiss Liniger basin will more than satisfy users needs and style preferences. We believe that it is one of the best option for those who are designing a modern, gorgeous bathroom suite.