What is the average delivery time?

We are always working towards satisfying all your needs, which includes fast and safe delivery of the products you’ve purchased. We deliver your brand new appliances straight to your door in 5-7 working days, including Saturday. While making your order, please bear in mind that in rural areas the estimated delivery time might take 2 or 3 days longer.

To track your parcel, please get in touch with us, we are happy to help you with any questions you might have.


What if my shower has unique dimensions?

Our homes and bathrooms are all different and therefore, they have different needs when it comes to furniture and appliances. If you find yourself in a situation where the space you’ve dedicated to your new shower cabin or walk-in wet room has unique dimensions, worry not.

All our shower solutions, like shower cabins, shower screens, and wet rooms have a range of adjustment, that makes them fittable for a variety of bathrooms. If however you require a shower with custom dimensions, or you are not sure what the perfect size of shower cabin or screen would be for you, reach out to us. Our experienced tech team will do the research and give you well-informed advice that will help you complete your order.

What are our return and refund policies? Does it apply when the purchased product turns out to be the wrong type or size? Can I return it?

Most definitely! As long as you contact us within 14 days after your purchase, and your product complies with all the requirements for a return, we’ll be more than happy to review your returned item for refund eligibility. If your refund is approved, a credit will be automatically applied to your credit card. 

To know more about refunds, please visit our refund policy page for more information. If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

How to tell if a product is in stock or not?

We consistently update our website with the most recent information, so that you can always check whether your desired product is in stock. The information can be found on the product’s page and it is always up to date.


Are the shower doors reversible?

Sure they are! All the showers doors we offer here at the Bathroom Store Ireland are reversible and very versatile. They can be easily adjusted to your bathroom, turning your space into a comfy and elegant shower cabin or wet room.

How do you keep your prices so low?

Our main goal is to give you the best selection of bathroom appliances at the best prices. To be able to do that, we have developed a network of 3 well functioning warehouses in Europe, making it possible to have the products always in stock and available for delivery. Also, we have our delivery service, cutting the cost and ensuring that all our products are delivered to your door safely and in no time.

How to clean the bathroom appliances?

Here at Bathroom Store Ireland, we know that the purchase of bathroom appliances is just a first step to your dream home. The trick is to keep them clean and in an immaculate state. It seems like a heavy task to undertake, but with our products, you will recon that it is easier than it looks. 

All the glass panels of our products, like visors or shower enclosures, are covered with Easy Clean nano coat, which prevents any water or dirt accumulation, and makes it effortless to keep clean. The products with glossy glaze finish, like shower trays, basins, toilets, and bathtubs they all have an immaculately sleek and smooth surface, that holds no dirt and does not require harsh cleaning. 

Nonetheless, we always recommend using cleaning products dedicated to bathroom appliances, like smooth cleaning milk or ceramics cleaners, to prevent any scratches or micro-breakage on the surface of your product. It is important to avoid using grainy products, scrubs, and metal sponges. Keep it simple and delicate to enjoy your bathroom for years to come.

Where can you buy spare parts for my bathroom appliances?

At Bathroom Store Ireland of course! We are prepared to support you when in need of missing or spare parts so that you can easily fix or install your appliances. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with what you need. And if you are unsure what exact parts would be the best to get - don’t worry, we will figure it out together.

Can I purchase your products being a business client?

We are happy to support all the businesses by providing the best bathroom appliances. Get in touch with us and we will have a chat about your particular needs and how we can satisfy them.

How can I be sure that my payment is secure?

All the payments made on our orders are secured and goes via one of the following services: PayPal, Shopify, SSL Security or Stripe payments. We are all in when it comes to safety, so that is why we have chosen the secure payment options for your convenience.

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