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Wall Hung Toilet With Soft Close Seat

Wall Mounted Toilet
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If you value luxury and comfort you will love this Wall Hung Toilet with Soft Close Seat technology. It is gorgeously designed and crafted, and most importantly, very comfortable to use.

This product from our wall hung toilet range is perfect for any bathroom suite, regardless of size or shape, because its size boasts both minimal dimensions and comfort.

We love this model because it has a sleek toilet seat design, complete with Soft Close technology, which gives is a sleek look that many people are looking for, and a soundless close that is perfect for keeping the peace in your personal oasis suite.

This model also allows you the liberty of choosing your favourite Geberit dual flush panel for your bathroom. This feature is both convenient and sanitary, and it will make your bathroom feel and look as modern as ever.

  • The L32 is made from white, vitreous ceramic
  • Includes toilet pan, pan fitting kit and soft close seat
  • Gorgeous, modern design
  • Long lasting, high quality materials
  • 5-year warranty


Toilet, Wall Hung




Soft Close Seat, Wall Hung Toilet

Toilet Seat Material



UK Standard Concealed Cistern Frame, 180mm Frame








What makes this Wall Hung Toilet So Unique?

We are very proud of the high quality of the materials used to craft our products, and we trust that that is one of the reasons our bathroom products are of top quality in Ireland and the UK.

This toilet model (like our whole ceramics range of wc models) is made from top quality vitreous ceramic; a material that is durable, beautiful, and comfortable. It is finished and sealed with high quality white glaze, which has a beautiful glossy finish.

The toilet€™s harmoniously rounded toilet seat and toilet bowl is much more aesthetically pleasing than a standard toilet design. The L32 model appears to be serenely floating off of the ground; an attribute which a traditional toilet model could never live up to.


Achieve The Wall Hung Effect With Geberit

When purchasing any of our wall hung toilets from this collection, you have the option to purchase the Geberit Duofix concealed cistern and mounting bracket plumbing system. We offer you the Duofix to add convenience to your purchasing experience, and to free you from all the trouble which is looking for a good plumbing system to go with your wc.

The Geberit Duofix is, as mentioned above, the toilet€™s best match when it comes to plumbing your bathroom. It is practically silent, it has great water storing capacities and water pressure, it is easily installed, and is invisible!

If you are wondering how the toilet stays put so well and so securely, your answer also lies in the Geberit cistern. You see, not only is it the toilet€™s plumbing system, but it also incorporates the toilet€™s mounting bracket structure for an €œall in one€? instalment! Convenient, is it not?


The Very Best In Toilet Materials

The toilet is also so easily kept clean that it will only take you around 35-45 seconds at most! The white glaze finish is what makes it so easy to clean. It is stain resistant, and is so strong that all it takes is a spray with your preferred disinfectant agent and a wipe-down.

The inside of the toilet bowl is also just as easily cleaned and kept clean. No need for highly abrasive compounds or rough brushes; just a daily sterilisation and you€™re done.

We do, of course, recommend generally avoiding the use of very strong chemicals on our bathroom products so that they don slowly destroy the beautiful glaze and leave you with rough surfaces over the years.

We also recommend cleaning the chemicals off thoroughly before using the toilet so that there is no chance of ever getting irritated skin from sitting on any chemicals. You want your toilet to be clean, but you also want your skin to be safe from any accidents or discomforts.

The last thing we€™d like to mention is how easy it is to clean the space around the toilet. The wall hung toilet€™s compact shape allows there to be more space under and around the toilet, which makes for a very easy cleaning routine!


Modernise Your Bathroom With This Wall Hung Toilet

This beautifully produced bathroom unit is engineered with everyday use in mind, providing reassurance of durability and coated in a high gloss glaze to ensure a reliable finish.

It is a sleek and solid bathroom storage solution for housing unsightly toilet pipes and cisterns.

At the Bathroom Store Ireland, our toilet storage units include a 5-Year Warranty for your peace of mind.

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