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Mexen Rio - Quadrant Shower Enclosure 5mm Transparent Glass with Black Finish

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Before you buy - This shower enclosure comes with no adjustment on the profiles - It can be installed on wet room floors as well as the shower tray (the shower tray needs to be a full size i.e. 800x800 - the wall profiles are 25mm - they give no adjustment)

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Rio - Quadrant Shower Enclosure 5mm Thick Transparent Glass with Black Finish

Slick and elegant, the Rio quadrant shower enclosure is everything the modern bathroom needs. Its minimalistic design, black finish, and curvy shapes are hard to resist. The double door opening makes the most of your valuable bathroom space. The Rio semicircular shower enclosure will make a perfect addition to your home, transforming the corner of the room into a luxurious shower cabin.

Product specification:

  • Double sliding door shower cabin
  • 5mm frosted tempered glass with Nano Coat
  • Aluminium frame
  • Black finish
  • Wall levelling system
  • Adjustable to shower basins and floor montage
  • The double reel movement system
  • Gasket drainage system

    Data Sheet

    Model Rio
    Shape Square, Quadrant
    Door 800 - 900 mm
    Side 800 - 900 mm
    Height 1900 mm
    Protective Coating yes
    Door type Sliding door
    Glass Type Transparent Glass
    Warranty 2 years