7 Ways to Upgrade a Basic Bathroom

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We have all gotten to a certain level of comfort within our homes. It's quite natural that our homes are the place where we feel safest and most comfortable. What is this always the best? Sometimes when we get a little too comfortable at our homes, or we have already spent a long time there, it makes it hard for us to realize when certain parts of our home need to be redesigned or upgraded. This is quite natural, for when we are in a place for a substantial amount of time, we begin to grow accustomed to the way things look and the way things work.

One of the most essential and most used parts of our homes is our bathroom, and an outdated bathroom is a huge red flag when it comes to modern homes. To this I say no more. There are endless ways in which you can upgrade a bathroom which has become either basic or outdated or simply doesn't make you happy anymore, and in this blog I'd like to give you seven of my top picks for upgrading a basic bathroom.

Additionally, I am a firm believer that upgrading or updating interiors does not have to be an expensive project, and it doesn't have to be too hard; therefore, I have chosen all seven of these with that in mind, in hopes of keeping your bathroom looking fresh, and your wallet fat.

Switch Your Basic Shower Curtain for a Modern Shower Screen

wet room shower screen

One of the first telltale signs of an outdated bathroom is a basic shower curtain. Since the shower is one of the main functional points in a bathroom, it draws a lot of attention, and demands a lot of care in order to stay clean and presentable. But keeping a shower beautiful when you have a shower curtain can be a very challenging and unyielding tasks.

The perfect way to eliminate the closed-off and outdated look in the shower, is installing a wet room shower screen. These are much more functional than a typical shower curtain, for they don't move and flip and drip; they look 100 times better once installed because they are made out of beautiful glass, which lets in light; and they create a much more open and airy look in your bathroom. In fact, this option is perfect for those of you who have smaller bathrooms because glass shower screens make the bathroom appear much larger thanks to the fact that they don't create a very visible barrier between the open space of the shower and the rest of the room.

Another great thing about a wet room shower screen is the fact that they are easy to keep clean and presentable, and they are an absolute must in any modern bathroom. Thanks to this, I highly recommend installing one in your own bathroom and seeing the way it completely transforms the look and feel of your whole lavatory.

Give Your Bathroom a Modern Look with a Bi-fold Shower Enclosure

bi-fold shower screens

When you install a bi-fold shower enclosure, you don't really expect for it to make such a big change in your bathroom. But once you see the results, and once you see how it alters the whole look of your bathroom, you wish you would have done it sooner.

You see, as I mentioned above, the shower area is one of the most used parts of a bathroom, and it inevitably becomes a major focal point in any bathroom. That being said,a great way to make your bathroom look and feel more modern and up-to-date is to install a bi-fold shower enclosure. These are basically a step up from a glass shower screen because they make the room seem elegant yet practical.

I highly recommend models that have beautiful handles and framework, such as those that we offer here at the bathroomstore.ie, because this will not only make the shower enclosure itself shine, but it will also elevate the overall style in your whole bathroom. Thanks to details like this your bathroom will look sophisticated, elegant, and modern, so I highly recommend paying attention to the smallest of details. You will not regret it!

Create a Personal Spa with a Modern Bathtub

freestanding bath tub

We all deserve to give ourselves a little “me time”, and a great way to do that is to treat ourselves to an at-home spa service. The one downside is that not all of us have a huge beautiful bathtub -- or the space for one at that. But what if you could create such a space in your bathroom?

Here at the bathroomstore.ie everything is possible, and creating your own at-home spa couldn't be easier. Our freestanding bathtubs are elegant, new, and they create the most beautiful focal point in any bathroom. Therefore, not only will you get yourself a nice present, but you will also invest in the look and feel of your bathroom, and you will upgrade your bathroom experience.

A great aspect about our free-standing bathtubs is the fact that they are made from high-quality acrylic material, and that they are a beautiful white color. This makes are bathtubs the perfect addition to any modern bathroom, and gives it a versatility that no other bathtubs have. In addition to this, are bathtubs are the perfect size for any style of bathroom, whether you have a larger sweet, or a smaller more practical bathroom, this bathtub will make a splash, and will become a beautiful and practical at-home escape for you.

Upgrade your Washing Area with a Beautiful Stone Wash Basin

modern wash basin

A great way to upgrade your bathroom is by replacing your traditional or outdated sink or basin, and installing new and modern wash basin. This, of course, might not seem like one of the bigger changes, but it is one that can be done in a matter of hours, and it will completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom.

Since we all use our wash areas as much as we use, say, our toilets, keeping that area clean, up-to-date, and looking great is of utmost importance for keeping your bathroom looking good.

One of the most prominent benefits of having a more modern basin is the fact that it looks beautiful and functions at top speed. Since functionality is the main feature of any wash basin or sink, it is quite important that yours is as functional as it is beautiful. Therefore, making a small investment in a beautiful stone wash basin will make your life easier and will make your time in your bathroom much more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.

One of my pro tips when it comes to choosing a stone basin, is looking for one which embodies or represents the style what you already have in your bathroom. By this I mean that if you are going for a more minimalistic look, it is best to choose a stone basin which is thinner and more discrete or more streamline; and if you are going for a more elegant and sophisticated style, it is optimal to get a basin which has more of a modern design, or is a bit more spacious. This will ensure that everything from your decorations to your bathroom sink are all in unison with the look and feel that you're aiming to create in your bathroom.

Upgrade to a Wall-Hung Toilet

wall hung toilet

While toilets aren't usually an everyday small talk topic, they are something super essential to our lives; I mean, a bathroom without a toilet can't really be considered a bathroom. That said, the design and look of your toilet has a great impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. From personal experience, a clean and modern looking toilet make my experience in a bathroom 10 times better, and I want that same experience for you every single day because I know that you deserve it.

The best way to upgrade your overall bathroom look and feel what is by installing a wall-hung toilet. This is due to the fact that wall hung toilets look modern, and function with the highest technology available today; and these two things combined will give your bathroom and upgrade like nothing else can. Therefore, I highly suggest checking out the collection of wall hung toilet that we have here at the Bathroom Store Ireland, picking the one that best suits the overall style and look of your bathroom, and installing it as soon as possible so that your bathroom no longer looks basic an outdated, and you no longer have to put up with waking up and using a bathroom in that condition.

Make Use of Your Extra Space: Install a Bidet


If in fact you have a little bit of extra space to spare, or you would like to simply upgrade the functionality in your bathroom, installing a bidet is one of the best ways to make use of your extra space. Of course, decorating and beautifying your bathroom by using those extra spaces could make your bathroom look nicer, but putting that extra space to use by installing a bidet will add a whole other dimension of functionality and practicality to your bathroom which would have never presented itself otherwise.

When you install a bidet into your bathroom, you are not just installing a new appliance or a simple addition to your bathroom. You are adding something which you will use everyday, and which will transform your daily routine for the better. In my opinion, every modern bathroom should have a bidet in it because it is functional, and it's benefits are applicable to everyday life.

Bidets are also not only confined to an appliance which aids in cleaning oneself. Bidets are quite multifunctional, as a matter of fact, and can come in handy in many different situations throughout the day. Thanks to this fact, you will also be investing in a multi-functional and very helpful appliance, while also updating and upgrading your basic bathroom.

Re-style and Re-decorate Your Bathroom

This can seem like a very logical way to upgrade a basic bathroom, but I think of it as a way to spice up the upgrades that you already made in your bathroom, or a way to draw attention to the newest or most modern additions to your lavatory. With that said, below are a few simple and fun ideas which you can apply towards upgrading your basic bathroom that will only take a matter of minutes to complete, but will change the way your whole bathroom looks and feels:

  • Create a focal point in your bathroom. This can be one of the best ways to redesign your bathroom without having to tear down walls and move big heavy appliances. A focal point in terms of interior design and architecture, is a place where the eyes are immediately drawn towards upon entering a space.

In order to create a focal point in your bathroom, what you need to do is establish a wall or portion of your bathroom where you would like the focal point to be. If there is a pretty window or a special appliance such as a freestanding bathtub or a shower with a glass shower screen, I highly recommend making your focal point there. Then, depending on the style you are going for, I recommend painting or tiling that portion of wall or bathroom.

For example, if you want your shower to be your focal point, I highly suggest installing a beautiful tile design on the walls of your shower; this way, you will add a beautiful decoration and/or pop of color to your bathroom, and you will also be creating a space that immediately draws attention in the room.

  • Redesign the lighting in your bathroom. The lighting in a room can either make or break the whole feeling and look it exudes. If the lighting is poor in your bathroom, the whole look and design of your bathroom will seem less brilliant and less thought out. But if the lighting is good in your bathroom, every little detail of design with in your bathroom will shine and become much more apparent.

By this I don't necessarily mean that your room has to be as bright as day light inside, I just mean that putting lighting in the right places, your bathroom will open up the space and create the right mood and feeling inside it. So I highly suggest investing time or money in lighting your bathroom in a way which makes it look and feel as amazing as it really is.

Now that you know all that there is to know about upgrading and redesigning your basic bathroom, I hope that you feel more confident when it comes to what to do and how to spice up the looks and the feeling in your bathroom. As you know, we offer very high quality products on our store, and we always strive to provide the best bathroom products for you in design and functionality, that way you will always be satisfied, and your bathroom will always be as modern as possible. If you are interested, please visit our other blogs!


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