Upgrade Your Bathroom with Frameless Shower Enclosures

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When you want to relax, we know that one of the best places to do it is in your shower. It is an essential part of your day whether it is for stress relief, relaxation, or simply pampering yourself before or after work. You shower is like your own personal escape and should make you feel like royalty every day, because you deserve it.

When you are looking for a new shower design, it is super important that you pick something that makes you feel like you’re in your own personal resort! Another super important feature that your shower should include is how it makes your bathroom suite look, and how it works with the space you have. Bathroom Store Ireland has an ultra-wide variety of shower designs and models, but our best-sellers are always the extraordinarily high quality Frameless Shower Enclosures.

Here in this blog we would like to explain a little about how you can upgrade your bathroom suite with an amazing frameless shower enclosure, why they are the best option on the market, and give you professional styling tips and super contemporary décor ideas to help you along your renovation or re-designing process!

Why are our Frameless Shower Enclosures so special?

When it comes to the best design and make of your personal haven, Bathroom Store Ireland has what you need. We make sure the quality of the materials in our products are state of the art and are of the highest quality. The beautiful tempered glass in our shower enclosures is the best option on the market since it is both 4 times more durable than other materials usually used for shower enclosures and super safe, since in case of it breaking it actually falls apart in small circular pieces that pose little risk, as opposed to it breaking apart into sharp and jagged pieces, as do many other kinds of glass. This is actually the best options if you have kids, since we all know that accidents do happen; and we want to prevent any kinds of damages or injuries at all costs.

Another wonderful aspect of our frameless shower enclosures is that we focus on keeping the designs varied, contemporary, and elegant. When you take a look at our range of options, you’ll see that we love to give you as many designs as possible to make it as easy as we can for you to create the mood and feeling you’re after in your lavatory sweet. You’ll find that we focus on keeping our designs streamline and spacious for you to have the best shower experience every day.

Express your personal style in all you rooms – including your bathroom!

Getting a frameless shower enclosure in your bathroom will amplify any style you like and will go well with any room shape and size. Since it is frameless, it will look good from all angles and you won’t have to worry about it detracting from the look in your suite. In fact, you’ll find that it actually amplifies your style and gives your bathroom a fresh new look, while also making your suite look twice as large as it would with a traditional framed shower enclosure or shower/shower curtain ensemble, since they are so airy and so spacious.

In this part of our blog we’d love to give you some ideas of where and how to amplify your personal haven and how to incorporate a frameless shower enclosure. We’ll be going over some fun tips and styling ideas for you to get an idea of how versatile and flexible these shower enclosures truly are.

Create a Focal Point around your frameless shower enclosure

A really fun project to do in any renovation or re-designing process is to create a focal point in your space. A focal point in a room is the area that your eye travels to when you first walk into the space. There are many great ways to create a focal point, and there can also be more than one in the space. Below are some of the trendiest ways to create a focal point:

  1. Utilizing textures is a great way to pull the eye into a space, and your shower is a great place to focus on crafting your bathroom’s focal point. You can use tiles that represent your style and install them on the wall where your shower is, or add river rocks into your shower shelf and back wall area. Additionally, by installing your frameless shower enclosure, you’ll create one continuous focal point, unbroken by the shower. This will give you a great “power wall” and will also bring together the room beautifully. We suggest using a shower enclosure such as the Lorenzo 3 CV20P which has 3 frameless walls that give you the opportunity to have the textured wall as a back wall and background.
  2. Using your décor ideas to create a focal point is another wonderful anchor, and can be a good way to create two or more focal points in your room. We suggest experimenting with your vanity and shower areas to achieve this look. By using chic mirrors and elements of décor, as well as a modern looking sink and vanity counter, you can begin to compose a wonderful scene that you can’t miss in your lavatory sweet. Feel free to see our beautiful Modern Stone Basins to add a perfect touch of elegance to your vanity/wash area. Also, by incorporating the same décor color scheme or theme, you can amplify the wall that your shower is on, and create yet another relevant focal point, thus tying your whole room together beautifully.

For this look you would want an enclosure such as the Sogo - 2 Panel Shower Screen or the Trivento1 – DV9000D. These enclosures allow you enough space on 2 walls to create another eye-catching detail in your suite.

  1. If you treasure leisure and lounging before or after your warm showers, you’ll love the idea of introducing a piece or two of furniture. Many people love to put big, attention grabbing chair and ottoman ensembles in their bathroom because it gives any bathroom a super relaxed yet posh look. This actually works very well with a contemporary style room, since it adds a bit of warmth to your room, and also makes for a great focal point in your room. Our Lucano - DV250 Quadrant Frameless Shower Enclosure is a very stylish option for this kind of style, since you can position your piece(s) of furniture beside it, creating an accessible and timeless scene in your bathroom.
  2. If you have an oddly shaped bathroom space, don’t worry! Bathroom Store Ireland has exactly what you need to create a more open and airy feel to your room, while also using the unusual shape of your bathroom to your advantage. The Minturrno – Aqua Pura Quadrant Shower Enclosure, Lucano – DV200, and Lucano – DV270 are great examples of how an unusually shaped room can actually be an advantage. You have, in some aspects, many more options for styling and creating a great focal point by using your room shape to your advantage. You can also incorporate suggestion #1 into this and add a bit of color or texture to that side of the room and really amplify your space.

Create a seamless look with your frameless shower enclosure

Opposite to creating a focal point with your shower enclosure, you can also make your shower practically disappear from your vision and shed light on other details in your bathroom suite. This is a feature you can only get with a frameless shower enclosure, since other shower enclosure models are much too obvious when you are trying to conceal your shower area.

If you have a themed bathroom, complete with beautiful wallpaper or paintjobs, beautiful artwork, lush décor, a beautiful tub, elegant windows, etc. you want to detract the attention from your shower to show off the other beautiful aspects of your suite. The best way to do this is by installing one our shower enclosures, since the all-glass look will make it practically melt into the walls, thus reflecting all attention from your shower area.

Also, if you like how the minimalist trend looks in your bathroom, a normal shower enclosure with a shower curtain or a heavy frame will not make this style look as good as it could. That is why many people like to install frameless shower enclosures, and make the minimalist look much more coherent and contemporary.

Now you know all the wonderful pros to having a frameless shower enclosure, and the only thing left for you to do is try one out in your own space and watch your beautiful bathroom suite come together!

If you have any questions or suggestions, we are always more than happy to assist you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us any time. Our team of experts is always on your side and is happy to assist you with anything you need.


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