The Ultimate Buyer Guide To Choose Cloakroom Basin

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In today's modern homes, cloakrooms are an essential part of our hospitality, for cloakrooms provide an extra space where our guests can have their own space to do what they need. Making sure that cloakrooms are comfortable and stylish yet intimate and private is very important, and can play a big role in the comfort which your guests experience in your home. In fact, many people prefer being able to offer their guests a more intimate and personal space, so cloakrooms are actually becoming much more common in modern homes.

But unfortunately, many people shy away from having a cloakroom or from styling their cloakrooms because they're usually isn't much space to work with. But styling cloakrooms and furnishing them is one of my favorite things because it presents a challenge each time, and I highly appreciate being able to look at the final product, and being satisfied with it. Therefore, I want to pass on to you all my knowledge about buying the perfect cloakroom basin, and also styling your cloakroom the right way. So below you will see compiled my most essential steps to finding the perfect basin for your cloakroom, and to styling it in a way which brings out the best in your spare bathroom.

How much space is available in your cloakroom?

Naturally, depending on how much space you have available in your cloak room, you can then begin to assess what size, type, and style of basin you cook room is able to have. Of course, cook rooms are, by tradition, a smaller room, normally only furnished with a toilet and a sink, but that doesn't mean that we can't make the most out of the space that you have available.

If your cloak room is what you would consider a small cloakroom, then you most likely don't have much space to spare, even when it comes to space for a cloakroom basin. If this is the case, you don't have to worry, for many cloakooms are this way. there are specific types of basins made for small cloakrooms, such as freestanding basins, which will fit perfectly in a small cloakroom, yet still allow enough room to move around the room.

If you're cloakroom is what you would consider a larger or more spacious cloakroom, then you most likely have a bit more space to spare, which actually allows you much more liberty when choosing a basin for your cloakroom, or any other fixtures are appliances for it. Since he was probably have this extra liberty, you most likely have much more of a selection or variety from which you can choose the basin for your cloakroom. There are models such as twin basin models which are countertop models, which require, of course, a countertop on which the basins would be installed, and which would be no problem when you have that extra space. These look really great in cloakrooms, for they look much more luxurious, yet they still allow enough space to move around the room in.

So, as you can see, assessing how much space you have available, and you are willing to take up with a basin, will really allow you to narrow down your selection of basins and subsequently choose the right one for your specific cloakroom. Therefore, the first step is, as you can see, assessing how much space you actually have in your cloakroom, and working your way up from there.

Know your options

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Knowing what type of basins are best in a cloakroom will allow you, once again, to narrow down your options from the wide selection available on the market today. Many different types of basins are made specifically for cloakroom, as they are smaller and more compact in size, and their dimensions general are much smaller than normal basins. By narrowing down the options that you have, it is much easier than to begin your search for your basin, which is most usually the hardest part. Below you can see three of the best types of basins for your cloakroom:

  • Freestanding basins: freestanding basins are the best type of basin to get when you're low on space, whether it's in your master bathroom or your cloak room. After name suggests, free-standing basins do not need the support of a countertop for vanity unit, because they are complete with their own floor standing base. If you need to put a sink in a place where you have no space for counters or a vanity set, resetting basins are the best way to go because all you need to do is hook them up to your plumbing, and you're ready to go. In addition to this, I find that freestanding basin units are much more aesthetically pleasing in small spaces than other units because they are compact, space effective, and they really what do allow much more space in small cloakrooms. Apart from this, there are many beautiful designs in which freestanding basin units come, so you really do have a great variety of free sending units, so you don't have to worry about having a limited selection. I highly suggest looking into free-standing basin units whether you need to be more economical space or not because they I had a touch of elegance and modernity to a bathroom or cloakroom that not many other types or styles of basins add.
  • Countertop basins: if you have enough space to install a countertop in your cloak room, or already have one installed, choosing a countertop basin would be the next natural step to take. Countertop basins are a great way to make the most out of your space, for if you already have a countertop installed in your cook room, simply installing a basin on that countertop will make the most of the space you have, and will give the counter multiple uses. Agreat thing about countertop basins is that they always allow a lot of floor space for extra storage in cloakrooms. This is a great thing because cloakrooms usually have little to no storage space available, and countertops give you the chance of creating an “under the counter” storage space. There is a variety of different models and designs of countertop basins, many of which don't take up too much space, and still allow free-flowing movement on the counter. Additionally, there are many different styles of countertop basins come up which is great because they allow you a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing the style and design that you want. Also, if your countertop basin doesn't take up the whole counter in your cloakroom, the rest of the countertop can be used for many different things including decoration, storage, or even a small vanity style space, which can add luxury, style, and overall composition in your cloakroom which is seldom seen due to the lack of space.
  • Inset basin: inside basins also require the support of a countertop, except the difference between a countertop base in an inset basin is the fact that inside basins are literally set inside of the countertop, with the top lip being level with the surface of the countertop itself. This allows so much more movement and mobility inside of the cloakroom, and it allows so much more space on top of the counter's surface. Many people believe that in order to have a countertop, they must purchase a large and bulky countertop which simply takes up too much space in a cloakroom, and therefore they feel like it's not possible. But, in all honesty, a countertop and a cloakroom can be slim and compact common for it doesn't need to be much countertop space in the coke room. Therefore, when searching for a inset basin for your cloakroom, I highly suggest looking for a slim and long basin instead of a square and wide beason, due to the fact that the countertop which Best suits a cloakroom is slim and long, and not wide. Many people prefer inset basins in their homes in general because counter space is quite valuable in smaller homes with less available space, for many of the home activities are taking place on these. Therefore, to carry this tradition on in to a cloakroom is quite natural and quite intuitive, and I highly encourage it. Another great thing about inside basins is that normally, the pipes from the basin are not visible, making the cloakroom look clean and nice, and elevating the overall style and sophistication in the cloakroom itself.

Sell your cloakroom by choosing the perfect basin

cloakroom basin

Since cloakrooms are by no means the highlight of someone's home, styling a cloakroom usually goes completely overlooked, and many cloakrooms can end up looking boring or uninteresting. But that does not have to be the case in your cloak room. As I mentioned above, styling cloakrooms is one of my favorite things, since, though there is so little space, there can still be in this possibilities of how to bring it together and make it look good. So, to start off, I always recommend selecting and installing the perfect fixtures for your cloak room. This is due to the fact that cloakrooms traditionally only have a toilet and a sink, so choosing these two wisely will either make or break the style in your cloak room therefore, I highly recommend assessing what style you would like to have in your cloak room before it going into this process.

After assessing the the style and look you would like in your cloakroom, the next step is choosing the perfect fixtures and appliances that you would like to have in your cloak room. First, you need to find the perfect toilet for your cloakroom, which there is a blog about on our site. Then, you must find the perfect basin for your cloakroom, and for this, you must know this type of style that you're going for in your cloakroom. But you're not left to your own devices, for below I have three of the most popular cloakroom styles for you to assess and choose from, from which you can bass style of your cloak room:

  • Compact and modern style: this type of style is on the rise of popularity thanks to the minimalist movement which has happened in recent years across the globe. This consists of having if you get select things in a room which are usually compact and economical when it comes to space. Compact styles in cloakrooms is actually a great way to go, since it is important to have the essential toilet and sink in a cloakroom, yet it is not necessary to have much more and it cook room. Of course, I don't mean that decoration items are unnecessary, for they are quite important in bringing together the style and look of a cloakroom, but when it comes to appliances and fixtures, purchasing and installing compact units, such as a free standing basin, and a wall hung toilet is the best way to go for not only are you styling your cloak room after a popular style come up but you're also making much of the extra space in your cloak room available to use.
  • Small but luxurious: the one does not usually see these two words put together, I feel that it is the perfect way to describe a well-styled cloakroom since there is not usually much space available in cloakrooms, yet when it is styled well, it can become luxurious and elegant. And, the best part about this style is that it can be done in any cloak room, regardless of the size or space available. To make your cloakroom look luxurious, one of the best things to do is to install a beautiful countertop basin. Of course, the basin doesn't have to be very large, since, as I mentioned above there usually isn't much space to spare, especially for an oversized countertop basin. But by installing a countertop base in which looks elegant and luxurious in your cloakroom, you are automatically leveling up the style in the cloakroom, and making it seem much more luxurious and elegant, as if every corner of the house is outfitted with beautiful an elegant pieces, even the cloakroom.
  • Sophisticated and streamline: streamline is one of the best words to describe a well-styled and well put together cloakroom, since the main goal in styling a cloakroom is keeping everything streamline, and avoiding things that are bulky and that take up too much space. Therefore, going for a sophisticated and streamlined look in your cloak room will put all the space you have to use to go to use, and look good at the same time. I personally love sophisticated looking for grooms, for it gives guests a neutral yet sophisticated looking space, which they always love and appreciate. A great way to bring together the sophisticated and streamline look is by installing an inset basin. Inset basins, as I mentioned above, are the definition of streamline, for they are level with the surface of the counter they are installed on, and there are no pieces of the basin, excluding the faucet, above the level of the countertop surface. There are many different beautiful inset basins where you can choose from, so you can also makes in a bit of elegance or modernity into your sophisticated and stream my look, so you can play with the style a bit, thanks to the wide variety and selection of this type of basin available on the market today.

Now that you are practically a cloakroom basin expert, it's your turn to go out and style your cloak room in the best possible way by keeping this list in mind when shopping for the perfect cloakroom basin. I hope this was informative and helpful, and I hope that you find other helpful blogs and buyer guides on our site. I also highly recommend looking at the beautiful selection of basins and bathroom products available at the, for they have the highest quality and most beautiful bathroom products for the best prices on the market today.


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