The Sliding Shower Door - An Avant-garde, Contemporary Look

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sliding frameless door

Keeping up with cutting-edge styles can sometimes be difficult. Popular trends and styles change completely from on year to the next, but they are some that simply continue being in the spotlight. One of those are sliding, clear shower doors. Well-made, beautifully designed shower enclosures can transform your bathroom suite in to a palace-like wonderland and we have the products for the job. 

When it comes to designing a stylish, modernized bathroom can be tricky. Planning and designing is a big part of the process but finding the most elegant, dazzling and well-made products can be just as difficult as designing it.

However, here at Bathroom Store Ireland we are proud to say that we offer the most well-made, high-quality and modern styles shower enclosures and shower doors on the market. We offer all the products that you can create the ideal bathroom.

Sliding Shower Doors Match Function With Style

Unlike other stores on the market and in Ireland, we like to offer our customers with an assortment of designs and styles, thus making it much easier to choose based on budget and design plans.

Choose the thickness of glass you prefer and the style that most suites your ideal bathroom suite. We enjoy making the process of creating the picture-perfect bathroom simple, easy and fun!

If you take a look at the sliding shower doors we have to offer you can choose from styles such as Volterra 2, which has been on high demand recently for many different reasons; primarily for the design and elegance it adds to any bathrooms suite. This sublime design allows you to enter your shower as though it was a palace door, so to speak and is ideal for all types of bathrooms.

If you are looking for a more minimalist yet elegant look for your bathroom suite, the Grosseto Sliding Door range might be just what you have been searching for.

We take pride in having the capability and the selection to offer the greatest products in Ireland and also in giving you the option of choosing what if right for you. It is more than necessary to have a selection of options to choose from, due to the fact that not everyone is searching for the same design or style of product.

We are always adding new concomitant products for our customers to choose from, so they can keep their bathroom looking like the image of elegance itself, always.


3 Great Benefits Of Sliding Shower Enclosures

Of course, these gorgeous sliding shower enclosures will transform your bathroom in to a spa like heaven but beauty and image is not the only benefit you will receive from these dazzling shower doors.

When designing shower doors, safety is a very important aspect although it might seem minor but we take it very seriously to offer not only gorgeous products but also safe. Safety first as they say. Here are some benefits and aspect of these sliding shower doors that will make your life easier and your shower a place you always want to be.

Safety First

When it comes to designing and searching for the picture-perfect shower enclosure, safety is usually the last thing on any one’s mind. However, if you are a little clumsy at times, if you have sweet little energetic pets or you have children that are always running around having fun; safety should be a priority always.

Hey, don't worry! We are proud to say that when designing these modernized shower doors, we took safety in to close consideration for this exact reason.

We know that mistakes happen and we ensure that if they do, your safety will not be at risk. Made with tempered, nano protected glass, our shower enclosures are four times more durable than other products offered on the market today.

If this tempered glass is ever broken, you do not have to worry about dangerous small, sharp and jagged shards that are hard to clean and very hard to see. Tempered glass is not like regular glass for if broken, it shatters in to small circular pieces that are easy to see, easy to clean and less dangerous.

Easy Cleaning - Easy Life

I assume we can all agree that when it comes to cleaning, we are not exactly ecstatic. Cleaning routines can sometimes last for hours and usually, the bathroom suite is the least exciting.

However, with these shower doors, cleaning will be a lot easier and so will your life. Due to a nano protective coating that is on all our shower enclosures, cleaning becomes much easier. Furthermore, the water, soaps and other products that happen to find their way to the door will simply slide off and not cling and dry on the glass like other materials.

Picture Perfect Bathrooms

One of the things that make these sliding shower doors amazing is that they are ideal for all types of bathrooms. No matter what style or design you choose, they are perfect for both small and large spaces and blend perfectly with all selection of furniture, colors and pallets.

This makes designing your ideal bathroom suite much simpler, for you do not have to worry too much about sizes and dimensions. Why you may ask? It is simple.

Due to the fact that these shower enclosures do not open in or out but instead smoothly slide to the side on high quality roller systems, you will not have to worry about dimensions or extra spaces for the opening of the shower door.

We all know the common scenario of opening the shower door and tipping this over, getting the floor wet or slamming it against another surface in small-spaced areas. These sliding shower doors will put an end to all these problems! No matter if it is a small or large space.

frameless bathroom

When it comes to small spaces, placing furniture correctly, using the correct color pallets and even choosing the right shower door can make an immense difference. With these small changes and tricks, you can make a small space seem big and welcoming.

These sliding shower doors should be on your must-have list is you are looking to use the space you have in the most efficient way while also keeping a luxuries, modern look. You do not have to have a large space to make your bathroom look palace-like.


Create Your Dream Bathroom Suite

When designing any part of a home, professional help is needed. There are many things that we do not know or understand about lay out, planning and designing, but there is one thing we all know for certain and that is what we want.

We all have an image or dream of what we want our home to look like; some prefer a more welcoming, calming design, while others might prefer a more festive, colorful look.

The amazing part of designing your own bathroom is that the results you hoped for are exactly what you get. When put in to someone else’s hands, design and style ideas can sometimes not be the same as the person imagined.

However, there are many simple tips and tricks to use when designing the dream bathroom and you do not have to be a professional to accomplish the look you desire.

Use the Perfect Colour Pallets

Choosing colors might seem like a simple task; however, colors can change moods, transform spaces and even change the size of area by tricking the eye. Using the correct color pallets is not only important in main parts of the home but also the bathroom.

Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you can choose from an endless list of colors and variations of pallets to find “the one”. You will see that by simply choosing the correct color, your bathroom will look even more dazzling.

Utilize Existing Space

A room can seem small for many different reasons, not just for the size of the room itself. If furniture and accessories are stretched across the whole room, not leaving one small space, a room can seem cramped and even unorganized.

By choosing and positioning furniture correctly you can make a small area seem roomy and inviting; and make a large room feel spacious yet clean and organized. Sliding shower doors are a great way of using space correctly whilst also making your bathroom have a dazzling, clean and modern look.

Choose High-Quality Products

This might seem like something unimportant, but in reality, choosing beautifully-made, high-quality products will save you a lot of trouble and stress. High-quality products last longer, deal a better use and simply offer a better design and style quality to your bathroom.

Even if it a simple piece of furniture, look for something well-made and designed, to pull of the perfect luxuries look you aim to obtain. Our products here at the Bathroom Store Ireland are the most-high quality you will find on the market today, so you can feel assured that our products are the absolute best for your dream bathroom!  



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