The Perfect Shower Screen for Wet Rooms

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Envisioning, designing and creating a picture-perfect bathroom are not simple tasks. There are endless steps, requirements and things to take in to consideration when designing a bathroom; it’s not as simple as it may seem.

Finding the perfect shower for your bathroom may seem simple at first, but once budget, space and style are considered, it can be become a stressful process. If you feel that finding the right shower design for your bathroom has been difficult and continues to be stressful; you have come to right place.

Here at the Bathroom Store Ireland, we do not only offer high quality, well-made products, but also share tips and tricks that will make the process of creating the perfect bathroom simple and fun. By offering a wide variety of products, we give our customers the option of finding what is perfect for their budget, space and style preferences.


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Why Wet Room Screens Are on The Rise

Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular as a choice of shower. They exude modernism and make the bathroom feel more purpose-built for showering and not just a storage place for a combination of different bathroom appliances. This has meant that wet room shower screens have become one of the most popular and sought-after bathroom items across Ireland.

Glass shower screens are nothing like simple shower doors or screens; they create a modern, avant-garde look that transforms any bathroom in to a palace like space. 

Styles and Designs

One of the things that make our wet room screens different is that they are frameless, meaning they are not enclosed by a metal or plastic frame, making them look clean, minimalistic and elegant. Also, by choosing a shower screen for your wet room instead of a shower door, you will be able to walk in freely and roam around your bathroom comfortably and easily.

Walk in shower screens also offer a more open, spacious feeling to your bathroom. Compared to shower doors that can make you feel enclosed or walled in, glass shower panels open up the space in your bathroom; allowing you to enjoy your shower and space perfectly.

Considering that not all bathrooms are spacious, finding the right shower for the space available is super important. Wet room panels can help with the common problem of not having enough space to complete the dream bathroom you have in mind.

Wide Variety of Options 

We understand that not everyone has the same preferences when it comes to designing and completing their dream bathroom; that is why we offer a large variety of styles and designs for our wet room screens so you can choose which is perfect for you. We are more than sure that no matter what design you choose, it will make your bathroom look elegant, clean and modern look.

Looking for a clean, minimalistic look? The Sogo 4 Screen might be what you have been searching for. Trying to create a more chic, fashionable look? Then the Sogo 7 Colour Glass Screen might be the last touch to complete your dream bathroom. No matter if you are trying to create a more private, comfortable look or an avant-garde, contemporary look, you will find exactly what you need here at Bathroom Store Ireland; without a doubt.


The Best Wet Room Screens in Ireland

Our shower screens for wet rooms are well-made with high-quality products, safe and easy to clean; making them the best wet room shower screens in Ireland. All of our products come with a selection of options, so you can choose the perfect design and size to complete the look you are dreaming of.

Also, depending on your preference and budget, you have the option of choosing the glass thickness; 8mm or 10mm. An 8mm thick screen is perfectly adequate, but for that extra bit of rigidity 10mm would be the better option. 

In any case, the incredible quality of our products and the options for design and style preferences we offer is only one aspect that makes our wet room panels the a cut above the rest.

We keep everything in mind when designing our screens through vigilance and attention to detail - it goes without saying therefore that designing our wet room screens with safety in mind is an absolute must for us at the Bathroom Store

Safety First

When looking for the perfect shower screen for your wet room, safety might be the last thing on your mind; however, it is something that must be taken in to consideration when designing any part of a home. If you have young children or energetic pets that enjoy running around your home, climbing, touching and sometimes breaking things; glass shower panels might seem a little nerve raking.

No need to be nervous or afraid! Our wet room screens are the safest on the market. We use high-quality, nano protected glass that is four times more durable than other option on the market. The strong glass used to create these wet room shower screens are hard to break and would need a hard impact to cause any damage. However, we know that accidents happen; which is why we designed durable, strong and safe glass shower screens to offer ultimate safety.

If an accident ever were to happen and the wet room shower screen were to break, it would break in to small circular pieces that are easy to see and easy to clean. This is due to the fact that the glass has been tempered, making it much less dangerous than normal glass.

When normal glass shatters, as we all know, it breaks in to tiny sharp shards that are hard to see, hard to clean and very sharp. We took this in to consideration and made our walk in shower screens accident ready.

The Bathroom Store - Excellent Products and Service

Here at the Bathroom Store Ireland, we are dedicated to offer not only the absolute highest-quality products on the Irish market right now, but also help you through the process of creating your dream bathroom.

If you ever need any help or assistance in finding what is perfect for your bathroom, your budget and your preferences, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always more than happy to assist you and make the process of creating a beautiful modern bathroom as painless and enjoyable as possible.



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