Stone Basins for a Modern and Elegant Bathroom

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Whether you are re-designing your bathroom suite, or just searching for a way to renovate your bathroom and make it your own, one of the best ways to do it is by adding a contemporary, elegant stone basin. You’ll be surprised by the many ways you can incorporate a beautiful stone basin  to your bathroom and make it a calming place for you to enjoy peace and tranquility any time.

In this blog we would like to show you how to make our stone basins a perfect styling element to amplify your bathroom, and how to create the look you want to achieve. We will also give you tips that will help you bring together the perfect elements into one harmonious look for a beautiful bathroom suite.

modern stone basin

Modern Stone Basins: Adaptability Meets Sophistication

When adding a new element of design to your bathroom suite, it is most important that the item matches well with the theme of the suite and creates a beautiful harmony with its surroundings. For this, it is necessary that the new element is versatile, yet doesn’t look too plain or too simple. With that said, it is super important that your new item is perfectly between the lines of sophistication and adaptability. Bathroom Store Ireland’s modern stone basins are exactly that!

The basins’ white glaze finish and modern design make them a beautiful addition to any bathroom suite. They add stylishness to your bathroom, pair well with any theme or look you are trying to achieve, and add a versatile and fresh element to your wash-area. (Not to mention, they make a perfect pair with our luxurious freestanding bath tubs!). Also, due to our stone basins’ glaze finish, they will be a much better choice in the long run, since they are so easy to maintain and keep spotless, and will always remain looking elegant and fine, given the proper care.

Achieve “the look” with a modern stone basin | Pro tips on how to style your suite

When considering a re-model or a renovation in your bathroom, there are many things you must think about. We know that it can get a little overwhelming at times, and would like to make it as easy as possible for you. So, in this section of our blog, we will go over 4 different themes and/or styles in order to give you a visualization of how to incorporate different elements of design to create the most comfortable and stunning bathroom suite.

The Minimalist Style

The Minimalist style has been sweeping across the globe for its innovative, fresh, and clutter free look. The best part is that minimalist style comes in many shapes and sizes, and can incorporate many different elements of simple yet chic design.

The idea of minimalist design consists of keeping (for the most part) only the essential elements of a room. In the case of a bathroom, the essentials are a shower and/or bath tub, a toilette, and a wash area. So, if you only want to incorporate the essentials and not much else, it is most important to make those elements as beautiful and elegant as possible, and to make sure they work well with each other.

We offer many beautiful and modern designs for all essentials that will make your bathroom as chic as ever. Take a look at our Modern Stone Basin (K29) and our Free Standing Basin (K22) and (K25), you’ll love the look of these!


The Exposed Style

The “exposed” or “raw” look consists of joining stone and wood together to create a contemporary yet serene feeling in your minimalist lavatory suite. The best way to do it would to purchase a wooden vanity where you can install one of our modern counter top stone basins. The wood should be of a color that works well with the color palette you have chosen (we recommend trying soft grays or exposed concrete finishes, and textured wood to pair with our beautiful white glaze bath tub and stone wash basins... You’ll love it).  For this look we recommend our Modern Stone Basin (K39) or our Stone Double Basin (K64).

Accents of white and other neutral colors will bring the look together beautifully. Bring these in by using our modern stone basins and bath tub as a focal point, then use white towels and/or bath mat on a wooden towel rack or hook(s), a white or wooden framed mirror, and white candles on a wooden tray or a set of white glazed or concrete molded soap/lotion dispensers as elements of décor. Also, if the concrete finish you select is a lighter color, you can add touches of bright colors such as yellows and blues.


The Spa Style

The Spa Style has been one of the trendiest ways to decorate and stylize your private oasis for a long time, because who doesn’t want their bathroom to feel like they are at a 5 star spa? And despite it seeming like an expensive option, this can actually be one of the most budget friendly bathroom makeovers, since there are only a few steps you need to take to create a resort style mood.


Which Bathroom Colour Pallet?

One of the most important parts of this style is the color pallet you choose and the design of the essentials you need, since these two elements will give your bathroom a whole new feeling and mood. Some of the most popular color palettes in spas are:

  • White or ivory walls with pops of fresh colors such as oranges, purples, greens, and blues.

  • Wallpaper on one wall with a neutral color on the rest (vintage looking wallpapers with shinny gold designs are “in” these days, and this is a great way to go since you can give the room other gold color accents and bring it all together in beautiful resort-like harmony)

  • Light blues and greens on the walls (adding pops of pinks and oranges give a great contrast and expands your décor options).

Once you establish your color pallet, now it is time to figure out what design style your essentials should be. Our stone basins, contemporary shower enclosures, and free standing bath tubs are exactly what you need to achieve a spa-like haven in your home.

The stone basins are modern in design, sophisticated in shape, and neutral and elegant in color, making them the perfect pair with any color palette above mentioned. Our pro choices for this look are the Oval Stone Basin Sink (L59), Thin Countertop Basin (L62), or the Sleek Basin With Side Shelf (K52).

Since we offer you a wide variety of different designs, sizes, and shapes, you can find the perfect addition to your at-home resort right here at our store. Our shower enclosures offer a contemporary look that is a must-have in your bathroom, and will work wonderfully with any color palette you may choose. And our white glaze free standing bath tubs add an elegant oasis to your bathroom that no other item could.

The Beach Room

This is a way to incorporate the sea into your space, whilst also making it a fun and relaxing place to retreat to when you need a little relaxation. With this style, the décor is essential, and should consist of all elements ocean and beach related that you like and want in your room.

To begin the process of theming your bathroom, we recommend clearing the room of any decoration elements that do not pertain to your vision, and starting fresh. Once this is all done, and you install your favorite modern stone basin, we recommend beginning to re-decorate.

We recommend adding as much color as you’d like. Some items you can use to decorate are: large conch shells (these can double as a bar-soap dish, jewelry bowl, and/or candle display), small collections of seashells around your vanity, wash area, or shelf area, your favorite painting(s) of an ocean scene, a mirror framed with seashells or a sandy texture, and for an original twist you can add light fixtures or a piece of furniture that incorporate wicker or rope.

This is a style that you can add to at all times, and can have fun with. So, feel free to add all of your personal touches around the room. You can also bring in any colors that you want into the room, since it will look very beautiful in contrast with the white glaze stone basin or free standing bath tub which are the best way to go! Check out our Stone Basin (K11) and our Oval Stone Basin Sink (B74), they will go beautifully with the theme!


Now that you know all about how to stylize and incorporate your favorite elements into your bathroom suite all that is left is to pick out your favorite Bathroom Store Ireland items, add them to your cart, and start the exciting journey towards your ideal bathroom suite.

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us at any time. We would be more than happy to assist you through this process. Our team of experts is available to help at any time!


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