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When it comes to upgrading your bathroom suite, there tends to be quite a few angles you can approach it from. Maybe you want to give your bathroom a wall-to-wall transformation, but that can be too costly or too much work. If so, one genius way to give your bathroom a new look is by upgrading one or two elements, which gives the room a fresh new look without altering the whole space.

One of the most used areas of any bathroom is the wash area. It can serve many purposes and can be much more than just a place to wash your hands. Many people double it as a vanity unit or a place to keep all of your essential sundries on-hand.

It also serves as a great place to incorporate decorative elements. So if there is one place in your bathroom suite that you should transform, your wash area is probably one of the most versatile (and popular) areas to consider.

In the next portion of this article, we’d like to let you in on some of our expert tips and advice to make the process of re-thinking your bathroom as easy as possible. We’ll go over our ceramic wash basins' features and qualities, installment tips, and of course styling and decorating concepts.


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Ceramic Washbasins - Why Your Bathroom Needs One

We understand that you may be thinking “they are just sinks!” But we’d like to prove to you that these are much more than an average sink. Our staff here at The Bathroom Store Ireland has dedicated their time to create a collection of the finest modern wash basins available in Ireland today. We seek to deliver more than just a product; our mission is your complete satisfaction and we will always put our client’s approval at the top of our lists.

Our gorgeous ceramic washbasins are designed to fit any kind of style or concept. No longer do you have to endure trying to match up the rest of your bathroom suite to fit the washbasin you just couldn’t resist buying; no longer do you have to search for hours for a high-quality/low-budget washbasin; and no longer will you have to compromise your beautifully planned-out concept of your bathroom design.

These white ceramic washbasins are so versatile in both size and design that they will fit any size of suite, and in most cases, any size of counter-top as well. In addition to this, they will fit in beautifully with any shaped room, unlike many traditionally designed washbasins. Since they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, you’ll be able to find exactly what you want for a great price.

The use of ceramic material was both the most efficient and the most elegant. Efficient because with its contemporary white glaze it becomes the easiest place to keep spotless and beautiful, and this comes in greatly handy when you have children. Elegant because the designs and beautiful glaze are reminiscent of the highly coveted porcelain washbasins used in centuries past which transmits timeless and contemporary bravura throughout your space.


Make Your Bathroom Your Private Sanctuary

Feeling at-home is something we all cherish. It is a unique feeling we usually experience when we are in a space that is somewhat tailor-made to our needs and preferences, and is usually in our own homes. The fact that you were the person who chose the color of the walls or the sofa set (for example) allows you to be in a space that feels personal and satisfying. You are able to completely let go and relax in your own home and that is what makes your home more than just a house.

Bathrooms are no exception to this wonderful feeling, and should always be one of the most relaxing places in your home. They should also reflect some of your personal style and preferences in order to make you feel like you’re in your own personal haven. Since your bathroom is a place where you relax, bathe, and get ready for your day, it should have enough decor to motivate you for your day, but just enough minimalism to be clutter-free and hassle-free for those rough morning or nights. A beautiful ceramic wash basin could be the answer...


Steps towards achieving “the look”

The first steps towards creating a space that you truly enjoy being in is lighting. If you like the lighting you already have keep it; but if you’d like to change it up it can be as simple as trying different light-bulbs in the fixtures that you already have and adding candles for additional lighting and decoration. Once you obtain the lighting that you like, the mood is set and the rest consists of just playing around with different styling elements and of course changing any permanent fixtures or furniture.

After setting the mood in your bathroom you’ll want to choose the style or concept that you like. Here are some suggestions:

Concept one: an increasingly popular theme is the monochrome palate. It is one of the most modern ways to style your spaces and will be a fun way to explore contemporary styling. Monochrome doesn’t have to be bright colors; it can also be black and/or white. The best way to approach this style is by first installing any permanent fixtures to match or contrast the main color. All-white fixtures are the most popular way to go, since the color both draws attention away from the fixtures, but also makes the room look elegant and well put together.

For the black and white monochrome (or bi-chrome) look, a model such as the Luxury Oval Basin (M97) will add the perfect amount of fanciness while also melting into its surroundings. Or the Rectangular Ceramic Basin (N49) will work beautifully with any type of counter-top color, and will leave you enough space to organize sundries around it.

Gorgeous Washroom

Concept two: the classy powder room is something that will never go out of style or incline in demand. If you have a space like this, the best way to style it would be keeping it minimalist and clutter-free, while still adding elements of classic design to spice it up a bit for your guests.

These elements don’t necessarily have to be bulky or in the way. They can be select pieces of art on the walls, a chic set of mirrors, textured walls such as wood-panel or tile, or seemingly unplanned candles scattered around the room.

Additionally, since the two main components to a powder room are the toilette and the washbasin, you want these to look as nice as possible. Try out one of our contemporary Wall Hung Toilets – such as the Wall Hung Toilet with Soft Close Seat (L21), and pair it with the elegant Tri Point Oval Ceramic Basin (M55) for a modern duo that will make your powder room as stylish as ever.


bathroom sink unit


Concept three: the oddly-shaped suite. If your bathroom isn’t conventionally shaped, there is a great way to work with your space and make the oddities of it the focal point in your room. To make the focal point we suggest trying to draw attention to that spot by adding a pop of color. Paint or wallpaper the area to start with, then find a chic corner table that fits the angle of the corner you’re working with. 

Why not play around with the shapes of our beautiful ceramic wash basins to find the perfect one for you? We suggest a round or oval shaped washbasin such as the Round Semi Recessed Ceramic Basin (N44) if your space is small or the Oval Ceramic Basin (N08) if you have more space to spare. This will both make practical use of your odd space, but also shed light on it and make it unique and refreshing.

Now you know some innovative ways you can incorporate your style and preferences into your bathroom suite, and you also have an idea of how versatile our white gloss ceramic wash basins are. So please feel free to contact us if you have any fun new ideas, or tell us how you styled your suite with our products. We’re always so happy to hear from our customers. And if you have any doubts or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, call, or live chat.


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