How To Choose A Proper Shower Set For Your Bathroom

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Choosing the right shower set is one of the dreadful renovation decisions that everyone avoids. If you, like many others, are lost in the fog of conflicting advice, disinformation and just too many choices out there - we are here to guide you through the process.


Evaluate Your Budget And Measure The Space

First of all, you need to know what cards are in your hands. Check your available space in the shower cabin, double-check your bathroom renovation budget and only then you can explore the options. However, this is not only about the shower set itself, but also the work that has to be done when installing it.

The money spent on the project and space needed depends on whether or not your shower is separate to the bathtubs and if you need to replace existing tiles on the wall. Having just one set for bath area, in bathtub-shower combo situation, immediately lowers the expense. Also, if you are already in the middle of the renovation and tile work is either way planned, this shouldn’t affect your overall budget.


Know Your Plumbing System

Another crucial step is knowing what type of plumbing and water heating system are you dealing with. Check your building’s documentation, consult your plumber or follow these simple guidelines, which most of the time works just fine.

More and more new homes have an incorporated high-pressure system, which gives a possibility go to simple with the set and enjoy the long, revitalizing showers. A household with this system would usually have a hot-water tank in the airing cupboard or a combi boiler in the absence of both hot and cold water tanks.

However, the most likely scenario is that your home is equipped with a cold-water tank in the loft and a hot-water tank in the airing cupboard. In this case, you are dealing with a gravity-fed low-pressure system. At first glance, it may seem like a less friendly solution. However, you can easily adapt your bathroom and enjoy a comfortable shower.

Check with your plumber and/or building administrator whether the water pumpkin system should be installed. It might be necessary to have one if your water pressure is really low and you want to make sure your shower set works just fine with the plumbing you have.


Browse Shower Set Types

Now, with all the information you already have, you can go on and browse the options available on the market. Choosing from different types of showers sets might be overwhelming, but let us give you all the information you need about each type of them.

Concealed Shower Set

If “the less is more” is your design motto, the concealed shower set is the way to go. This solution is perfect if you wish to hide all the pipework in your bathroom behind the wall and focus on the beauty of the set finish and bathroom tiles. The kit consists of a built-in shower valve and only the necessary parts on display. When choosing the concealed shower kit make sure the valves fit in the wall where it’s going to be installed, and that any additional features you select, such as massage jets, will work with your plumbing system.

Exposed Valves Shower Sets

For more of a traditional look, exposed shower kits are the best solution. Design-wise, you can put on display the beautiful chrome finish of your set and make it a focal point of the shower space. It guarantees an easy fit for your plumbing system and direct connection to your wall and pipework's.

Electric Shower Sets

An electrical shower kit is a perfect solution for households without efficient water heating system. It offers guaranteed hot water at any time of the day, and that means you can forget about timing or scheduling your shower, and just enjoy the comfort of your bathroom. Also, in case your gas bills are a concern, this is a solution that can change your home budget for good.

Bath And Shower Mixer

For a bathroom with joint bathtub and shower, the combined mixer is the solution. The package includes a classic bathtub filler, usually wall-mounted overflow outlet, the traditional shower head and of course the valve to control the two. That is not only a practical choice but also a stylish one that can transform your bath corner into an eye-catching, designer space without breaking the bank.


Select Your Shower Configuration

Not only the installation system differs the shower sets, but also the outlets that come with it. Good news is, this is the place where you can play with your options and create the stylish, yet functional shower kit you want and deserve.

Single-Head Spray Shower

The most basic and common option there is the single-head spray shower. This is your go-to if you are not looking for anything overcomplicated and the simplicity is your goal. That doesn't mean you have no options here, are you can still choose from wall or ceiling mounted head, or the hand-held shower head. The choice is yours, but luckily with this classic set, you cannot go wrong.

Rain Shower

Rain showers had their big moment past few years, and that is not without reason. That's an excellent solution for everyone wanting to change their shower enclosure or a wet room into a home spa. The rain shower head gives you an extra feeling of comfort and luxury in your bathroom. However, before going for it, you should check your plumbing system and water pressure, as rain showers require good pressure to work well, especially for those larger than 30cm of width.

All-In-One Kit

If you cannot decide, what shower solution will work best for you and your family, or you just want it all - go for a multiple shower heads kit. You can combine the traditional shower head with overflowing faucets and rain showers. The diverter valve operates them all so you can easily switch from one to another.


Take It All In And Choose Your Shower Set

Choose the right shower set means you have to know your plumbing, your water pressure, your heating system, your budget, your style and your needs. It might seem overwhelming and the beginning, but hopefully with your breakdown of options and requirements, you are now ready to choose your proper shower kit and enjoy your brand new bathroom like you never did before.


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