Bathroom Renovation Cost: Is There a Way to Save Money?

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Are you planning to renovate a bathroom and wonder how much the project would cost?

Do you consider what affects the price of a bathroom remodel and if you could reduce it somehow?

FACT: Few other house projects are as intense and consuming as a bathroom remodel. You have so many things to think about and so many decisions to make, for one. You must choose the right tiles, bathroom utensils, and a whole range of bathroom accessories. You must ensure that your design will look and work well. And then, you must find installers to bring your concept to life. 

So, we’ve decided to help. We’ve contacted various suppliers and compiled a full breakdown of factors that affect the cost of renovating a bathroom. 

Below, you’ll find information about costs per square foot or meter, a breakdown of how much various elements of the process cost, and also, some tips on cutting the price a little. 

Intrigued? Let’s get right to it, then

Bathroom Renovation Cost Per Square Meter

To calculate the cost per square meter, we, typically, look at the cost of tiles. That is the only element of the process that covers the entire area of a bathroom, after all. 

In this case, the typical cost of tiles per square meter varies from €18/sq m to over €60/sq m. 

Taking those rates into consideration, we can estimate this aspect of the bathroom renovation cost at anything between €2800 - €6000. The final price will always depend on the bathroom size, of course. That said, the above price offers good guidance as to what quotes you could expect.  

The cost of tiling small bathrooms is obviously lower. There is less space to work on, and you, typically, install fewer appliances in an en suite too, making tiling less costly as well. 

So, on average, you can expect to spend around €1500 on such a project, depending on the size of your ensuite. 

The cost will be significantly smaller if you decide to tile only on the bathroom floor. However, leaving only plasterboards on the walls can lead to many other costly problems down the line. 

Word of caution: In some cases, the project might also require additional building work. If for some reason, plasterboards behind current tiles got damp, you may have to remove it. You also may decide to change or replaster the ceiling to cover any cracks or an old stipple ceiling. These tasks will increase the per square foot cost of the project. That said, they may be necessary and unavoidable.

Bathroom Renovation Cost - Breakdown

You know how much a major part of the bathroom remodel project could cost overall. So, let’s now take a look at its all elements, and see how each affects the price. 

Overall, the renovation project may consist of the following elements:

Bathroom Design

Note, you will accrue this cost only if you choose a professional service to come up with your dream bathroom for you. 

The good news is that you don’t have to hire an expensive interior designer for this. 

Some providers offer this service for free, others charge anything from €50 to €350 for a virtual 3D design. Naturally, this element of the process isn’t required, and you can easily skip the cost by choosing all the other elements and the bathroom layout by yourself. 


We’ve discussed the cost of re-tiling the bathroom in the previous section. You know that the cost may come in at anything between €1500 - €6000, depending on whether you tile an ensuite bathroom or the master one. 

In some cases, you may also have to change the original plasterboards behind current tiles, and that will add to the cost. 

Toilet and Wash/Basin

Prices for toilets and basins vary greatly, depending on the design, brand, and quality. 

The absolutely amazing and slim washbasin like this one costs €135, for example. 

An example of basin to consider for a bathroom renovation project.

If you'd like the basin to feature a lovely, minimal wall-mounted tap like the one picture below you will add another €105 to the price. 

  A suggestion for a wall-mounted tap to use with the basin.

You should expect to pay around €200-€300 for a back to wall toilet with a closed seat. 

Image showing another suggestion for a toilet seat for a bathroom remodel project.

Bath and/or Shower

The total price for these appliances will depend on the bathroom design you choose. You may decide to install only a walk-in shower with a tray, a bath with a shower, or both. Your shower may require only shower doors or an entire shower enclosure. Or you may decide to use a shower screen only. 

To give you an indication of prices for these options, shower doors cost between €250 to €800, depending on the size, style, and type of a product. 

Shower doors example.

Complete shower enclosures cost between €450 - €900 with the final price also depends on the size, quality, and enclosure type. 

Image showing a complete shower enclosure.


Towel rails, cupboards and other storage elements, mirrors, and more will add to the price. So will other accessories such as basic waste traps, drains, and more. 

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to quote a single price range for bathroom accessories. There are too many types and options to choose from. 

That said, you can expect to have to pay top prices for quality elements, and that will also increase the cost of the project. 


Finally, unless you do all the work yourself, you will have to hire professionals to put your new bathroom together. 

Hiring a plumber will cost between €30 per hour right up to €70 per hour, depending on the person you choose.  

The cost of hiring a tiler can be similar, and in either case, your professional should be able to estimate the time required for them to complete the project.

Overall, you have to expect the installation to be a major part of the overall project’s cost. 

Can You Reduce the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel?

The short answer is yes, you can, however, we have to be upfront to say that you can only cut it by so much. 

Here are some ways to do it:

Utilize existing plumbing

The more you decide to rearrange the bathroom, the greater the cost will be. This is largely due to the work required for replumbing. 

So, if possible, utilize the existing plumbing, greatly reducing the work a plumber and builders need to do. 

Ask for Professional Opinion

Sometimes, the devil (which in this case means a higher price) is in the detail. Unfortunately, not being a professional yourself, you might not realize it and unknowingly design a bathroom that’s more expensive to install.

So, another way to cut the cost is by having a professional to evaluate your project. 

The person might suggest improvements or solutions that will not affect the look and feel of your bathroom but will reduce the cost. 


Unfortunately, having a full bathroom tiled is expensive. So, an option to cut the cost is by part tiling your bathroom. You can have tiles on the floor and wall with the shower, for example. Or feature floor tiles everywhere but wall tiles only to half of the wall’s length. Having said that, always consult a professional about the pros and cons of not having the entire bathroom suite tiled. 


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