All You Need To Know About The Geberit Back To Wall Toilet

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Back to Wall Toilet

If you are thinking about buying a back to wall toilet this blog will give you all of the information you’ll need to know before buying it. The Bathroom Store Ireland has a beautiful collection of different models and all you will need for the installation of your new porcelain throne.

To install any back to wall toilet you will need a Geberit installation frame 

Beautiful streamline designs, hidden plumbing, great color, modern touch, space saving size; what more do you need in a toilet? The back to wall toilet is a bathroom product that has all you need and want in one compact design.

Plumbing for the Geberit Back to Wall Toilet System

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Yes, it seems mysterious... Where is the cistern and where did the flushing system go? Do not fret. It is all but concealed within the wall behind the toilet! The state-of-the-art Geberit Duofix system has all you’ll need and more in one simple, compact fixture.

The Geberit Duofix consists of the toilet’s flushing technology, the toilet’s cistern, and the toilet’s mounting brackets. All you need is in the one Duofix system! Different from the wall hung toilets we also offer, the back to wall toilet models we offer have additional floor standing support. But, their flushing technology is the exact same.

In the plumbing for a traditional floor-mounted toilet model, the water supply connection comes through the wall, and the sewage connection comes through the wall. But for the back to wall fixture it is different. The water supply connection and the sewage pipe connection alike come through the Geberit Duofix system which is in the wall.

Our back to wall toilet designs do not have a bulky cistern or a visible T or S trap, making their design beautiful and sleek. This also allows for easy cleaning, easy access, and more usable space around the toilet.

The buttons for flushing will be found in the form of Geberit flush plates, which can be located in the spot of your liking. We offer a wide selection of Geberit flush plates to suit your personal style and preferences. They also come with duo flush options, one for solid waste and one for liquid waste, that way saving water is also a possibility for you.


Create a Modern Bathroom Design with our Back to Wall Toilets

geberit and toilet

Apart from all the Geberit back to wall toilet’s plumbing features, it has what it takes to complete “the look” in your bathroom suite.

The Bathroom Store Ireland provides our clients with quality products that will not only function at top level, but also makes their bathroom look modern and elegant; because we know how important it is to have both high-functioning and aesthetically pleasing fixtures in your home.

Regardless of the style or design of your home and lavatory suite, we know that our back to wall toilets will most definitely make the most out of the space they are in, and elevate your own personal style in every corner of the room.

Their beautiful high quality ceramic material and their white glossy finish make them a staple in a modern home. Their contemporary design adds a flowy minimalist look to any space, and their beautiful color adds elegance and timelessness to any suite.

As mentioned above, we also offer a wide variety of different flush plate models and styles; therefore you can customize even the smallest details in your bathroom suite. Our clients love this option since many toilet systems do not offer this much liberty when it comes to selecting and tailoring your lavatory suite.

Save Space and Make the Most Out of Your Bathroom

We would not only like to tell you about how amazing our Geberit wall hung toilet systems are, but we would also like to dedicate this small portion of our blog to helping you make the most out of your space, no matter what size, and make your bathroom shine.

A great aspect of installing the back to wall toilet model is the space that you get around it. Since its shape is pretty, drawing attention to the toilet is no crime.

One of the things we all have is our essential bathroom products such as a toilet scrubber, plunger, and cleaning products. These are usually kept on-hand by the toilet, but they only ever draw more attention to the (not so pretty) anatomy of the traditional floor-mounted toilet.

But instead of putting them somewhere hard to reach, you can still keep them right where they used to be, except change the way you display them! The best way to conceal these products is by making a small investment in a container or two, preferably a stylish basket or bin, and putting your cleaning supplies, plunger, and toilet scrubber in there.

The second way to make the space around your toilet even prettier is by adding a small stand of any material you like where you can display magazines; add some decorative elements such as a pretty tissue dispenser or some fake greenery, or a candle display, and putting this stand by or around your toilet area. This will amplify the looks of your room and will also serve a purpose!

And lastly, we suggest adding a pop of color and comfort by displaying a rug. There is a wonderfully vast selection of bathroom rugs from which you can chose the one that most suites your style. Maybe try adding an elegant design or a subtle pop of color to make your bathroom area look bigger and nicer.

Now that you are practically an expert about our Geberit back to wall toilet systems, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from getting your own and upgrading your bathroom! If you have any additional questions please let us know. We’d love to hear from you! And if you have any further requests please either give us a call on the phone, send us an email, or let us know what you think using our live chat feature located at the bottom right corner of your window.



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