7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sink for your Bathroom

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The second most renovated or redesigned rooms in a household is the bathroom. This means that after the kitchen, the bathroom is the room which people most like to change, redesign or renovate. But this doesn't make it any easier to choose the correct fixtures for your bathroom. That's why we at the Bathroom Store Ireland decided that it was best to create a series of different blogs, including this one, which guide you towards getting the best fixtures for your bathroom.

We know that sometimes it can seem overwhelming when trying to choose a bathroom sink, for example, because there are so many different options and so many different things which you have to take into consideration. But it doesn't always need to be this way. By following the seven simple tips that we have here in this blog, you will easily be able to establish exactly what type of sink, which style of sink, what size of sink, etc, you will need and want to put in your bathroom.

Just remember that the most important part is finding a bathroom sink which you think completes and finishes the look in your bathroom. This means, that the most important part is finding a sink that you like and that makes you happy. With that said, we can now begin our list of the seven best tips for choosing the perfect bathroom sink.

Familiarize yourself with your bathroom

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Yes, I know, we all frequent are bathrooms on a daily basis, and it seems a bit strange to make this the first tip. But I find it most essential to familiarize yourself with your bathroom, in order to establish the size of your bathroom, the general shape of your bathroom, and what type or style of bathroom sink would look best in it. Therefore, I advise you to take measurements of your bathroom, find out what exact shape and style of bathroom it is, get acquainted with the size of the other fixtures in your bathroom, for example, whether or not you're bath is oversized or small, whether or not your toilet is of traditional style or not, and many other different things like this

This step will ensure that you know your bathroom good enough to choose the correct fixtures for it, and two renovated in a way which will enhance the style and design of your bathroom -- not to mention your everyday visits to the restroom.

This step will also ensure that you know the materials used in your bathroom, and you know whether or not your bathroom floor can support certain weights, if your counters are in good shape for re-installing or replacing a sink, and whether or not the general up keeping of your bathroom is at top level. This allows you to be confident in the up-keeping of your bathroom, and it also allows you to make any necessary repairs while you are renovating your bathroom, to ensure that your bathroom will stay beautiful the whole time that you are in your current house.

Are you renovating your bathroom or replacing you sink?

Renovating your bathroom

renovating your bathroom

If you're renovating your bathroom, there are many different things that you must think about, especially when it comes to the new fixtures you will be installing, and the bigger changes of that sort. But if your renovation does include changing fixtures such as your bathroom sink, your toilet, the installment of a bathtub, or change of style of shower, then, though it may not seem so, your task is much easier than it would have been. By this I mean that if you are going to be changing out fixtures, it's very easy to get coordinated fixtures which will make your bathroom looks much more put together and uniform in style.

So if you are going to be choosing out more than just a sink, I highly recommend looking for a sink that goes well with the style, design, and color of the other fixtures that you will be installing in your bathroom. The sink should coordinate well with the general style and size of the bathroom itself as well, so I also recommend looking closely at that aspect of your bathroom sink as well. Another pro tip is installing a sink that is made from the same or similar looking materials as the other fixtures in your bathroom, or installing a sink made from a material which compliments or brightens the style of these other fixtures.

Replacing your bathroom sink

Another common way to spice things up in your bathroom is to replace your bathroom sink or other fixtures such as shower toilet or bath. If you are looking to change things up in your bathroom without having to go through an expensive renovation, I highly suggest replacing your bathroom sink. This will give your bathroom a whole different look, and it will cost you a whole lot less

If you are just replacing your bathroom sink, it's important to analyze whether or not you would like to keep the same style of sink in your bathroom, or if you'd rather change it up. I suggest this because, for example, if you previously owned an inset basin, you will want to find an inset basin to replace it, since you already have the accommodation for this type of sink. Of course, if you'd like to change things up you can always create the accommodations necessary for your sink to be, but you definitely must think about the other steps you will have to take in order to accommodate your new sink.

Other than that, I simply recommend doing as I said above, and that is coordinating the sink that you will be installing with the rest of your bathroom. By this I mean choosing one of similar style and design, that is within the same color palette, and need of the same or similar materials as other fixtures in your bathroom, for this will simply make your whole bathroom come together and look complete and finished.

Keep in mind how many people will be using the sink

tips to choose best bathroom sink

This tip is also quite important because it is essential to know how many people will be using the bathroom sink in order to accommodate everyone in size and design. For my personal opinion, there's really not much worse than having to share a tiny sink with someone else and that is what I'm trying to save you from. Knowing how many people will be using the sink, for example, you and your significant other, will allow you to establish whether you would like a larger, longer shaped sink, or two separate smaller things, etc. That's why I feel that this is one of the most important steps regardless of whether you're renovating your entire bathroom, or replacing your bathroom sink.

Tip only one person will be using the sink, I feel that there is a lot more freedom of choice, for you don't have to accommodate for somebody else. By this I mean that you can choose practically Indian bathroom sink of your liking, and not be worried about whether him it can accommodate another person.

If two or more people will be using the bathroom sink, I highly recommend getting a larger model, possibly with two faucets, or two separate sinks on the same vanity please in order to make sure that everyone has enough space to comfortably use the sink.

The latter also ensures that you know whether or not you have to do any remodeling or physical changes, for there might not have previously been enough counter space or wall space to accommodate a large enough sink for two or more people; and it will allow you to make these changes before purchasing and installing the bathroom sink you choose.

Remember You Have a Wide Selection of Styles to Choose From

Sometimes in the middle of choosing a sink it can be easy to forget that there are so many different options for you to choose from, and that you don’t have to conform to one style, size, or design just because you read it in some magazine, or feel like it will be the easiest option.

There are many different styles and shapes when it comes to bathroom sinks that I could almost go as far as saying that every single one is different in some way. So I highly suggest shopping around and looking at all the different options that are available to you before settling on one.

Of course, many of us already have something in mind when we begin renovating our bathrooms, or changing out our old sink for a newer and more modern design; therefore, I don’t mean for you to shop until you don’t even know what you want anymore. I just mean that it is great to explore different options, and that trying out different ideas and styles will probably help you more in the long run. In addition to this, I highly suggest checking out different placements if you’re really looking to change things up, for this will open a whole new world of possibilities in your bathroom. In short, you are not confined to one specific way of doing things, especially not when it comes to choosing the right bathroom sink.

Consider How Much Storage or Decoration Space you Need

how to choose best bathroom sink

When I say storage and decoration space, I mean how much countertop or extra side space you want and need around your bathroom sink. This can mean, as I just mentioned, how much extra space you have left on your bathroom countertop for storage or decoration, or whether or not you would like your sink to have some extra storage space built in, such as our Designer Basin K49 has or our Contemporary Basin C59 has.

This really is not the most important step to some because one can always accommodate for more storage space by putting a side table or shelves in their bathroom; but to other who may have, for example, a smaller more compact bathroom, this step is absolutely essential, for this type of bathroom does not usually have enough space to install extra storage space like bigger bathrooms do.

Does Your Bathroom Plumbing Accommodate The Sink?

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The plumbing is also a very important aspect when it comes to choosing the correct bathroom sink, because regardless of whether or not you’re remodeling your entire bathroom including plumbing, the plumbing should be able to accommodate your bathroom sink. By this I mean that the drain should be able to align without any problem, and the water supply location should also align without any alteration necessary. If these do not align it is very easy to guess that you will either have to change the way your bathroom plumbing works, or change the type or style of sink you buy.

This is one of the tips that I highly suggest keeping in mind even before you begin shopping around for your new sink, because I know how much of a hassle it can be to buy what you think was the perfect bathroom sink, and find out upon its arrival that it was way too narrow or way too wide for the plumbing you already had in place… So with that said, I just want to help you avoid that.

Choose Your Faucet

Your faucet is quite an important aspect to the look and functionality of any bathroom sink. Without a faucet there would be no bathroom sink -- just a really nice looking bowl without a purpose. So it really is quite important to establish what type, style, and size of faucet you can install with your bathroom sink before purchasing it, that way you don’t accidentally limit yourself to a few options which you don’t even like that much.

Yes, faucets can be quite universal, and especially when you buy them separately from the bathroom sink; but it is always good to check before buying so you may be able to have all the liberty you deserve in choosing the most beautiful and high quality faucet available.

I really hope you found this a useful blog, and I hope that you love the beautiful basins and bathroom sinks available here at the bathroomstore.ie as much as I do, because they are made with the highest quality ceramic and stone, and they really are worth the while. They will remain beautiful throughout the whole time you own them, and they will always function at tip-top speed. Oh, and did I mention that they are the best priced basins and sinks on the market today??



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