7 Reasons To Choose Freestanding Bath Tubs

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Free-standing bathtubs are really great. They offer dynamic beauty and functionality that traditional baths do not. There are many things that we love about free-standing baths here at the Bathroom Store Ireland, but we have tried to keep it narrowed down to seven reasons why we think you should get a freestanding bathtub. Of course, there are many other reasons why you should get a free-standing bath, so stay tuned because we have a few bonus reasons to list because we simply love free-standing bathtubs that much.

Freestanding bath tub

We always suggest buying your freestanding bathtub from a high-end store that offers the exact bathtub that you love, to ensure that your bathtub will last a long time, function perfectly, and look beautiful the whole time. For that reason, we highly suggest taking a look at our free-standing bathtubs here at the Bathroom Store Ireland once you have finish reading this blog. You will not be disappointed with our high quality free-standing bathtubs and even less so with our amazing prices!

Easy to install

Thanks to the design an overall functionality of a free-standing bathtub, they're quite easy to install. In addition to this, since they don't have to be inset or installed into a wall or floor, you can pretty much install them anywhere you'd like. Thanks to the easy installation process of free-standing bathtubs, they have become one of the most preferred types of bathtubs in five star resorts and high end apartments.

As mentioned above, due to the dynamic design of free-standing bathtubs, one can easily install a freestanding bathtub practically anywhere, as long as the plumbing supports it. Therefore, if you are remodeling your bathroom, we highly suggest looking at free-standing bathtub options because it's a great opportunity to upgrade the look in your bathroom, and even change the positioning of the bathtub itself. All you would need to do is simply re-channel the plumbing from where your bath or shower originally was to where you would like your new free standing bath to sit.

Easy to clean

Freestanding baths are truly unique in how easy they are to clean. You can read above about their dynamic design, which not only makes them easy to install but also makes them very easy to clean. We at the Bathroom Store Ireland know how important it is for a bathroom to be clean, and how important it is for bathroom products and furniture to be easy to clean, because though important, cleaning can sometimes be quite a hassle in our bathrooms due to the impractical design of many of the fixtures and furniture and products in our bathroom.

But free-standing bathtubs don't have that problem. Cleaning a freestanding bathtub is incredibly easy because one can move around the bathtub freely depending on where it is installed, and clean every nook and cranny in a matter of minutes. Compared to the cleaning time and overall ease of a traditional bathtub, cleaning a free-standing bathtub is incredibly easy and takes only a fraction of the time. This is great because you will be able to maintain a clean and sanitary bathroom while not having to spend a long time cleaning it.

We highly suggest looking for a free-standing bathtub that is made from a great material such as acrylic in order to make cleaning even easier than before. When boats or any bathroom fixture or furniture is made from high quality, water friendly material, cleaning it can be super easy because the material will be able to repeal a lot of the dirt and build up, and we'll also allow a much shorter clean time.

Modern and functional

Another great thing about free-standing baths is there contemporary design and modern overall functionality. A great thing to consider when wondering whether you should get a free-standing bathtub or a traditional bathtub is the look in your bathroom. Yes, this isn't the most important thing, but when it comes to our bathrooms, which we use every single day, allowing our bathrooms to look nice doesn't hurt.

In addition to this, not only do free-standing bathtubs look modern and sophisticated, but they are designed to perfection. There's just something about free-standing bathtubs that ensures amazing functionality with the most modern technology and designs that traditional bathtubs do not have. On top of that, by getting a free-standing bathtub you are practically upgrading your everyday life and making everything around you more modern, sophisticated, and functional.


The practicality of free-standing bathtubs is not to be overlooked. Many of the things that free-standing bathtubs allow are unique to this type of bath, and this overall very independent design. Free-standing bathtubs are practical for many reasons. The first and most prominent is the fact that they take up less space in comparison to a traditional bathtub. By this I mean that free-standing bathtubs are designed to save space, and to be placed anywhere, which usually translates into anywhere you have enough space, regardless of the fact that said bath may or may not be where a traditional bathtub could have been installed.

Another reason free-standing bathtubs are incredibly practical is that you can choose where you would like to put it, are there for, you pretty much have all of the creative freedom in your bathroom. This means that you can design your bathroom anyway you want, and you can count on a bathtub to be able to be installed in any of your wildest creations!

Ultra comfortable

Have you ever been at a resort or high-end spa, taken a bath, and never wanted to get out of that bath? We definitely have. Well, that experience is available for you to have in your own home and in your own bathroom.

No matter the size or shape of your free-standing bathtub, they're somehow always comfortable. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for traditional bathtubs. If you have seen a freestanding bathtub before then you know how amazing they look, and if you've ever been in a freestanding bathtub before then you know exactly how comfortable they are.

To add to this, we also want to mention how comfortable they are in smaller bathrooms, not necessarily meaning the bathing time itself, but also how comfortable they are when it comes to having to maneuver around them, and to how little space they actually take up in your room. So, when you install a free-standing bathtub you free up space in your bathroom, allow a more fluid flow through your space, and you invest in a bath time that you never want to end. If you ask us, there's nothing really better than that.

Stylish and beautiful

Freestanding bath tub

We mentioned above how important it is to invest not only in the functionality of your bathroom and the products you install within it, but also of the beauty of these products. This is because we all love being in beautiful spaces that we appreciate, and feel comfortable in. And when it comes to a space we so often frequent such as our bathroom, wanting to make or bathrooms beautiful and comfortable comes naturally to everyone.

To do this, many professional interior designers and decorators suggest considering the fixtures such as toilets, bathtubs, and sinks in our bathrooms as a base. When you make these items beautiful, stylish, and comfortable, you are practically ensuring beauty and stylishness in your bathroom. Because, for instance, if you have beautifully decorated walls in your bathroom, but your shower isn't beautiful, or simply doesn't look great, that automatically makes that wall and the overall look in your bathroom less mesmerizing.

But, if you aren't one to decorate much, yet you have invested in beautiful pieces for your bathroom such as a gorgeous freestanding bathtub, the look in your bathroom will be automatically elevated, and your bathroom will look super stylish. So, investing in the free-standing bathtub both for their functionality, and their beauty is a great idea, and you will most definitely love the results!

You deserve it!

The main reason why you should consider getting a freestanding bathtub is because you deserve it! You deserve a beautiful bathroom, you deserve highly functioning bathroom products and fixtures, and you deserve to feel like royalty every time you step into your bathroom. Therefore, investing in pieces like a free-standing bathtub, a beautiful washbasin, and a state-of-the-art wall-hung toilet will make your everyday experience much lovelier, and much more enjoyable overall.

By installing a free-standing bath, you're investing in your "me time" which is incredibly important, and is an incredibly essential part of everyone's day. Also, when you're comfortable in your own bathroom, and you want to take a break from the world, taking a bath in a beautiful freestanding bathtub, relaxing and giving yourself time to think is incredibly valuable, and can make your day go very smoothly.

Therefore, as I mentioned above, when you're investing in a free-standing bath or other beautiful bathroom products, you're investing in yourself, in the overall mood of your day, and in a place where you can go and just let go. So don't hesitate to look for high-quality bathroom products such as free-standing bathtubs, and to install them in your bathroom. Invest in your happiness and your "me time".

Now you know all there is to know about free-standing bathtubs and why they're so great. We are at the Bathroom Store Ireland highly recommend taking a look at all the beautiful free-standing bathtubs we have available, because they are unique on the market today, they are made from the highest quality materials by the most professional manufacturers, and are designed to make you happy.

With everyday use in mind, are free-standing bathtubs are made from high-quality materials like acrylic, therefore, your bathtub will be resistant to water, and any stain things that come from everyday use, it will be easy to clean, and they will look absolutely amazing in your bathroom. So please, go take a look at what we have to offer, and keep in mind that free-standing bathtubs are the way to go and a modern home, and don't hesitate to treat yourself to a delightful bath time every single time you use your free-standing bath.



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