4 Bathroom Essentials To Consider On Your Next Bathroom Remodel

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A cost-effective bathroom remodeling could be difficult especially if you’re not adept at what particular item adds value to your home, style, and what suits your needs and taste. Bathroom remodeling is the best time to add improvements to your home that’ll serve you and your family in many years to come.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom this year, consider what Bathroom Store has to offer. Their products are innovations of bathroom essentials that improve functionality, storage, and the comfort of your bathroom.

1. The Freestanding Bathtub

Tubs are often left out from remodeling plans and usually replaced by saunas for large-scaled modern showers. This canvas has increasingly been neglected and it’s fine time to bring them back to your house and make a statement out of it. Bathroom Store offers freestanding bathtubs that come in different sleek designs for your showers and are great even for small bathroom spaces.

A tub is indeed efficient when you just wanted to dip yourself in a warm bath after a long day of work. It is also a great add on if you have children and pets where you can easily bath them with ease. The tubs come in white sophisticated designs that complement your shower and a classic that never goes out of style. They are easy to clean, comfortable, and serves its purpose.

Installing a bathtub is not only meant for bath time and that’s it. Consider it as your secondary bed at home. After a long strenuous day at work or at home, you find yourself lying on the tub and enjoying that warm bath while feasting on your favorite piece of cake or listening to classical music. It’s your time when all you can think is relaxation and your ‘me time’.

The Vicenza Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub – is a great example of a freestanding bathtub. It’s assembled from high-quality acrylic, complimented by a high gloss finish. This Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub is suitable for all bathroom types and a great spot to enjoy the relaxing warm water that envelopes your skin after a long day.

Now that you have an idea of how soothing it is to have a freestanding bathtub in the bathroom, how flexible it is as you can decide where you would like to place it. For selections of bathtubs that’ll suit your need in planning a bathroom, you might as well check Bathroom Store as they also offer black and white bathtubs.

Mexen (K19) 1700mm Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

2. The Modern Stone Wash Basin

What can you possibly do in order to save more space for your bathroom? Aside from updating your mirror, painting the walls, and installing a sink that could be unflattering as time passes by. Bathroom Store offers space-saving basins that includes cloakroom sinks and pedestal wash basins.

Cloakroom basins are basically installed in a smaller room which is a cloakroom. Most likely than not, most rooms are small and you find it hard to insert a basin in that small room but worry not, there are selections of cloakroom basins that’ll suit your needs. There’s a freestanding basin that will definitely and perfectly in that small space. There’s still a room for you to move around and much space spared for other stuff. It can be placed in one corner where you can easily wash your hands, and there is a small wall hung basin that can also serve as a good start-up in teaching toddlers to do their basic wash-up routine.

Knowing the most suitable basin for your room can help you trim down to what type of basin is best for your needs. If you want something that makes you save space and compact in nature, go for freestanding basins. If you have a countertop and it looks lost on one corner of the room, go for a countertop basin. It doesn’t take too much space, and if you have more space on the counter then its fine time to just add a few décors or a place where you can put small lotions, frames just to maximize the space of the counter. And if you wish to carry on with the classic style of the basin, the inset basin, it can also be done. Inset basins is a good option if your countertop is pretty much slim. Installing an inset basin won’t make any difference, and won’t take up space because it blends with your countertop. They are not only found in bathrooms but Inset basins are also applicable in cloakrooms. They don’t take up much space as well and it brings a more modern feeling.

If cleaning pipes are getting to your nerve, you might as well consider on your bathroom remodel – the pedestal wash bins. These are perfect for your needs as it creates an illusion that there are no pipes involved. They are a great example of an innovation created to hide the pipes of your sink. Pedestals are perfect for all small bathrooms, powder rooms, or anywhere a sink is needed and you don’t have that large space for your needs. They are still the preferred choice for many homeowners due to the fact that it gives a clean and stylish look to their bathroom.

3. The Wall Hung Toilet

The right choice of the toilet should never be ignored in your next bathroom remodeling plan. Wall hung toilets are simple and some come in rimless toilets with the feeling of modern bathroom aesthetics. In Bathroom Store, the wall hung toilets have a unique plumbing system, all of which are concealed behind where the toilet is situated. It occupies zero floor space. The plumbing design is preinstalled with the Geberit system. This is a clever installation of pre walls that are reliable, hygienic, and an excellent solution for construction or bathroom remodeling, you can personalize almost any design ideas projected in front of the wall.

While some people may worry that wall hung toilets may collapse in the long run, it is not true. Wall hung toilets are securely installed by professionals and with great care. Wall hung toilets can be installed precisely at the right height for you. Plus, the wall-mounted toilet does not come in contact with the floor, thus making it easier to keep the area around it clean.

Wall hung toilets are also stylish. They are an attractive option for many people because they look modern and elegant. They are a good example of minimalist design, giving you more options to layout your bathroom remodel options.

Clarissa - Standard Wall Hung Toilet With Soft Close Seat

4. Quadrant Shower Enclosure

When purchasing a shower enclosure, remember to think of what best suits your shower needs. It’s tempting to go big as it is spacious and you can imagine yourself singing and dancing in the shower but will it compliment your bathroom or will it be a nuisance in the long run? That’s why choosing the better suits your shower or bathroom is very much relative in doing a bathroom remodel.

Shower enclosure basically separates the wet and dry area of the bathroom. It comes in different shapes and styles, and knowing what best suits your taste in bathroom remodel is very important. Think carefully about your space and the best shower enclosure that will suit your bathroom. If you have a small space bath, choose a shower enclosure with a bi-fold or sliding door.

There are different shapes of shower enclosures that may be of fit to your bathroom remodel design ideas. The quadrant shower enclosure is good for small space bathrooms. They make a corner of the bathroom extravagant, efficient, and makes shower time relaxing.

Quadrant shower enclosures are created with different features that will suit you best. It should be the one that satisfies you. It shouldn’t also be a nuisance for your family member in planning for the next bathroom remodel. You just have to sit and have a chat with the family and discern the factors that may be of help.

The Bathroom Store offers exceptional bathroom enclosures. They offer Nano tempered glass for shower enclosures. They may seem ordinary but Nano tempered glass shower enclosure are safe, durable, and made out of quality materials. The glass breaks as well but the breaking point does put you in danger just like any other glass. Nano tempered glass, when broken, breaks into spherical pieces. A feature in which only happens to Nano tempered glass, unlike other glass, that when broke, it poses danger to whoever is near it. They are broken into jagged pointed measures and can be risky when cleaning. The small fragments left by normal glass panels are very much dangerous especially when you have children at home.

It is essential to be very cautious and smart in purchasing or installing new shower enclosures. It is worth your money when you think of safety, durability, and high-quality investment. You don’t only get to enjoy the longevity of your decision but you get your money’s worth. Whatever you are looking for, check out Bathroom Store show enclosures.

Mexen Rio - Quadrant Shower Enclosure 5mm Transparent Glass With Black Finish

When planning for your next bathroom renovation, think of the bigger picture. As to what kind of work to be done or what part do you want to improve in order to save more space. The objective on your next bathroom remodel should make your bathroom functional, stylish, and more efficient to your everyday needs.


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