10 Things to Consider When Redesigning your Bathroom

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Bathrooms, although sometimes forgotten, play a big part in our daily routines. Without a bathroom, we simply could not get through our daily lives easier, and home would simply not be home. A bathroom is definitely an essential part of a home that should not be forgotten or considered least important when compared to other parts of our home. Having a bathroom not only looking beautiful but also working flawlessly is more than important for a fully functional, modern home.

I believe that we have all gotten to the place where we simply cannot deal with our 'old’ bathroom any longer. After years of using a bathroom, appliances can most commonly lose their functionality and their beauty, and it is very little you can do to 'bring them back to life’. Also, after using the same bathroom day after day for years, it is normal to become a little bored with the way it looks, and crave a change or a switch up. This is when it's time to redesign your bathroom.

Redesigning a bathroom does not always have to mean completely changing every part and piece of your current bathroom space. Sometimes redesigning a bathroom can be simply choosing a new color, finding new high-tech appliances, or even just switching around the layout of your bathroom. However, what we will be talking about in this blog, are things to take into consideration when renovating a bathroom completely. Not only the color of the walls but also the appliances, the layout, lighting, and more.

Although renovating a bathroom may seem easy, there are a small handful of important steps or things to consider before even starting the renovation process. This is due to the fact that if you are unorganized, or unprepared for the process, things could go terribly wrong, and your redesigned bathroom may not turn out the way you dreamt of it being. This is why taking each step slowly and patiently, knowing what you want, and considering each possibility is more than important. I am confident that by the end of this blog, you will have a clearer image of what steps are necessary to take into consideration when remodeling your modern bathroom.

1. Available Space

I do not think that going into the importance of space is something necessary. We all understand that the space in our bathroom will make a big impact or difference as to what we can possibly do when it comes to renovating. Basically, smaller bathrooms cannot fit as many appliances, or require different types of furniture that will allow the user to enjoy the space they have to the fullest. Bigger sized or more spacious bathrooms on the other hand, can be filled with more appliances, more pieces of furniture, etc, but it is also important to not crowd the space.

So, the reason why the available space is so important when redesigning a bathroom, is because if you know how much available space you have, you can plan ahead and choose the perfect layout that will allow you to receive the most out of the available space. Only because you have a small bathroom, does not mean that you cannot have a gorgeous layout, high quality appliances, or high tech upgrades that make your life easier. However, it is super important to take into consideration the space you have available in your bathroom, to make the right choices for the future remodeling.

One of the most important steps to remodeling your bathroom is to know how much space you have, so that when you begin to think of layout, appliances & more, you'll have an easier time choosing what is perfect for your bathroom, and not make mistakes. Simply make sure that you are choosing what is right for the space you have, so that everything fits perfectly in the space you have, and offers the absolute best functionality possible.

2. Layout

bathroom layout

Once you have taken the space you have available in your bathroom a little more seriously, and considered what is possible for that space, you could start thinking about the layout of your future redesigned bathroom. The possibilities when it comes to the layout of your bathroom, are endless; however, there are few options that are most commonly found in modern homes. In a standard sized bathroom, we commonly find a toilet, a 'one person sink’, a few small cabinets, and either a shower over a tub, or in some cases only a shower.

I believe that one of the most important things to take into consideration when finding the perfect layout for your future bathroom, is to not stick to the standard or normal options. You can truly do whatever you find fit, and experiment with new ways that will add to your daily comfort in your bathroom. Simply add a touch of uniqueness to your remodeled bathroom, and it becomes yours! By taking into consideration your available space, you can find a handful of options that are perfect for your bathroom, and then choose what is right to fit your uniqueness, your needs, and the comfort you deserve.

3. Lighting

bathroom lightning

Lighting is important. Not only does it make a big impact in your bathroom, but can completely transform any part of a home. Lighting can literally 'give life’ to a home, and make it seem more inviting, safer, and lively. Thanks to the importance of lighting, it is more than ideal to take this detail into close consideration when remodeling your bathroom. It is a step that simply cannot be forgotten, and if planned an executed properly, can make a huge difference to the final results.

Lighting makes a big impact on a bathroom. In small spaces, for example, a window can be a lifesaver. By having even a small sized window in a bathroom, it can open up the space’ and completely change the closed-in feeling of a small area. It can also make it feel more inviting, and less gloomy. Natural lighting is always one of the best choices when it comes to enclosed areas, no matter if they are small or spacious. However, if it is not possible to add a window in your bathroom, you can always use specific light fixtures that will add that perfect touch.

Not only will the perfect light fixtures and lighting for your bathroom make it look gorgeous, but it will also allow you to actually see what you're doing when going through your daily bathroom routines. It is important to consider how dark the bathroom becomes depending on what hour of day it is, and then installing light fixtures that will satisfy needs at each time of the day. By installing a dimmer switch you can adjust the lighting and mood of your bathroom at anytime, no matter how dark or dim your bathroom is.

4. The Perfect Toilet

the perfect toilet

Although a toilet might not be the first thing that comes to mind when remodeling your bathroom, it is definitely one of the most important parts of a bathroom. Due to the fact that it is utilized on a daily basis, and is one of the main parts of a bathroom, if it does not fit perfectly with the style or quality of the rest of your bathroom, it could destroy the image and the results you are trying to achieve. However, due to the fact that there are a wide variety of high-tech, cutting-edge toilets on the market today, it is more than easy to find a toilet that is specifically made for your new bathroom.

When looking for the perfect toilet, take into consideration the first two steps I mentioned above, including the available space in your bathroom, and the layout. If you have a smaller size bathroom for example, there are a wide variety of compact toilets that are not only beautiful, but made to fit perfectly into small areas. One of the most recommendable options for a modern home is a wall mounted toilet. Not only do these models save space, but unlike traditional toilets, all of their plumbing is concealed behind a wall, allowing the bathroom to look cleaner and more organized.

In the modern bathroom, I believe it is more than important to add in cutting edge appliances that will offer the absolute best functionality, and fit into the fast-moving world we live in today. With a high-tech, modern toilet, your bathroom will be able to offer the functionality that you deserve and need, and instead of causing problems or needing constant tedious maintenance, it will allow you to enjoy your bathroom to the fullest extent, feeling completely stress-free. For your remodeled bathroom, think long and hard about which toilet is perfect for you and your needs.

5. The Ideal Shower

shower eclousre

Found in almost every home worldwide, showers make up a big part of standard bathrooms. Showers play a big part in our daily routines, and without them, we would definitely be in trouble! For a remodeled bathroom, it is more than important to find a shower that is not only perfect for the size of the bathroom, but also for the desired layout, feel and overall style. Thanks to the wide variety of options on the market today, it is easy to find the ideal shower for any type of modern bathroom.

Although choosing a shower might sound simple, and it is, there are a few things to consider when looking for the ideal shower for your remodel bathroom. One of these things, is the base. Depending on what style or feel of shower you want, you can choose from a solid base, a tiled shower base, or even decide to have your shower over a bath. The next thing that you have to take into consideration when choosing the perfect shower, is the shower screen.

Shower screens are one of the things that make the strongest impact on the style of a bathroom. No matter if a bathroom is beautifully designed, and boasts a handful of high-quality, well made appliances, if the shower screen is not perfect, it can destroy the whole image. This is why it is important to find the perfect model depending on your needs and preferences. You can choose from a cutting-edge frameless shower screen, a semi frameless shower screen, a stylish single glass screen or simply go screenless.


Although there are more options to choose from, these four mentioned are the models that have recently been rising in popularity due to their simplicity, and the ease of use that they offer in a modern shower. When choosing the perfect option for your shower, make sure to consider what you need and why. Would you like to enjoy a more open, free shower experience for example, then the single glass screen or screenless shower is perfect for you. After you know a little more about what you want for your remodeled bathroom, you can easily pick from the wide variety of options and find what is ideal for your new bathroom.

6. Bath or no Bath?

Bath or no bath? The question of the century. Although baths have been around for hundreds of years, and are still commonly used in modern homes, are they really a necessary part of a fully functional bathroom? Although I'd like to simply answer this question with a “yes” or “no”, the answer can vary from individual to individual. It is normal to have unique needs and preferences when it comes to what your bathroom offers, so it is also normal to have complete control over having a bath in your bathroom or not.

Although baths can be a wonderful thing, and offer a relaxing experience in the comfort of your own home, they are not always the best option. For smaller sized bathrooms, baths can sometimes simply add a crowded feeling that is unnecessary.  Baths can also be hard to maintain, and can require tedious maintenance to look good, and work flawlessly. So, for a modern bathroom that does not require tedious maintenance, a bath is probably not the best option.

If you consider yourself a bath lover however, and simply need to have one in your bathroom, do not worry! There are still ways that you can add a bathtub to your modern bathroom, and still have extra space to use no matter the available space you have. One of the most important things to keep into consideration however when looking for the perfect bath, is that for a modern, minimalistic bathroom, a built-in tub is probably the best option. Although freestanding bathtubs are known to be elegant and fancy, they do not offer the smooth functions that a modern home needs. So, find the best that works perfectly for your bathroom, and make it work with the layout and the available space so that it may look gorgeous and offer the best functionality.

7. Color Choices

colorful bathroom

Color is important! Although sometimes forgotten, the color palettes chosen for a bathroom will make a huge impact on the overall feel, and style that it will offer after the remodeling. Of course, simply making a list of your favorite colors, and choosing a handful of vibrant colors might seem like the way to go, choosing colors is actually a little more complicated than that. The colors you choose for your bathroom can either make it look bigger or smaller, more closed in or more inviting, gloomy or lively, and much more, so it is more than important to take this step seriously, and even look for professional help if necessary, to find the perfect color palette for your bathroom.

When it comes to color palettes, there are an endless variety of options that you can go with, which is one of the things that makes it so complicated to choose the perfect option. However, choosing the perfect color palette should not be stressful, and should be one of the funnest parts of remodeling your bathroom. With this step, you can find inspiration online, ask your friends and family what they think, or simply spend hours at a paint shop looking for the perfect pallets for your new bathroom. I'm confident that finding the perfect color palettes will be one of the funnest and most stress-free steps, but if you take your time, you'll find it'll be more than worth it in the long run.

8. Well-Made Furniture

bathroom furniture

Just like color palette choices, furniture can easily be forgotten when remodeling a bathroom. Some of the major items, or things that are most important in a bathroom, are usually the tub, the shower and the toilet; however, furniture does make a big impact on the overall results of a remodeled bathroom. The quality of furniture used in a bathroom will determine the overall functionality they offer, and how long their beauty will last into the future. This is why it is more than important to find furniture that not only suits the overall feel and style that you are aiming for, but also furniture, such as cabinets, that are made from the highest quality of materials. This will simply ensure that you will be more than satisfied with every single part and piece in your bathroom.

9. Other Important Appliances

Yes, there are major parts that are considered the most important in a bathroom, but there are other small appliances that can make a big difference in the long run when it comes to a modern bathroom. Each appliance that is to go in your bathroom should be thought of and planned. Even a shower rack for example, or places to store everyday self care items for your daily routines. It is important to not only know where everything is going to go, but also to keep in mind the color palettes that are being used, the available space, the layout, and to find appliances that are high quality and that will fit into your modern bathroom. If these things are not thought of, you will simply end up with unnecessary objects and items that do not add to the overall quality of your bathroom.

10. Plan Ahead

I believe that at the end of this blog, it is apparent that planning ahead is one of the most important things when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. All of the things or tips I mentioned on this list, fall under the category of 'planning ahead’. Instead of diving into remodeling your bathroom without thinking of these important steps, you should be patient with remodeling your bathroom, and take these steps slowly, so you can eventually find exactly what you are looking for, before you even start remodeling.

Knowing what you want is one of the most important steps of remodeling or redesigning your bathroom. It will determine everything, when it comes to looking for new appliances a new things that are going to completely transform your bathroom into a dream come true. Planning ahead will allow you to find the direction you are aiming for, and not lose yourself in the stress of the many steps to redesigning a bathroom. Simply find what you want, patiently plan it out, and then make your dreams come true. At the end of the day, you will find that remodeling your bathroom is not as complicated as you imagined, and that finally getting what you've always wanted, is more than worth it.


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